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raymond molinar the boys skateboard video shot on iphone 160x160

Raymond Molinar – “The Boys” – Skateboard Video Shot on iPhone

Creativity runs through the veins of Raymond Molinar. Not only is he a very talented professional skateboarder at Stereo, but he is also an avid enthusiast when it comes to taking photos and videos. So much so, he took it upon himself to challenge the latest technologies … READ MORE

the bikespike 1 160x160

The BikeSpike

Think of it as LoJack for your bike. You finish a long, hard day of work at the office and mosey over to where you safely and securely locked your bike and find that it’s been snatched. Thanks to The BikeSpike, designed by Chicago-based engineering collective Three Man … READ MORE

embrace smart bracelet 01 160x160

EMBRACE+ – Smart Notification Bracelet for iPhone & Android Phones

“Fashion accessory with true functionality” is a catchphrase often used but rarely realized except in the case of EMBRACE+. Billed as a smart notification bracelet for mobile devices, EMBRACE+ is essentially a translucent rubber band embedded with an optical fiber, a smart controller unit, and a LED … READ MORE

evolutive labs rhino shield 00 160x160

Evolutive Labs – Rhino Shield Smartphone + Tablet Glass Protector

If you are very clumsy with your gadgets or work in construction, you might want to pay attention to this new iPhone glass protector, Rhino Shield. Developed by students at Cambridge University, this might just be an answer for those who are at high risk of smashing … READ MORE

3233407 8122710 top 160x160

Air Jordan XIII Outsole-Inspired Cases for Apple iPhone 5 | By LanvinPierre

Certainly there are plenty of related peripherals, both authorized and unauthorized, for Air Jordan, though this might be one of the most unique ones. By combining two of his beloved labels, Apple and Jordan Brand, artist LavinPierre recreated Air Jordan XIII graphics onto his cases for the … READ MORE

belkin x lego iphone cases 0 160x160

Belkin x LEGO – Apple iPhone Cases

The object of every kid’s affection and a source countless hours of entertainment can now bring back some amazing childhood memories with the recent collaboration between LEGO and Belkin on a set of iPhone cases. Using the classic rectangle shape as inspiration, the brand known for their … READ MORE

stussy neon genesis evangelion rei ayanami case for apple iphone 00 160x160

Stussy x Neon Genesis Evangelion – “Rei Ayanami” Case for Apple iPhone

Coinciding with the launch of their latest animation film, Evangelion 3.0, countless brands, such as New Era, MEDICOM TOY, FTC, and XLarge, to name a few, have collaborated with the popular Japanese animation franchise, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now, it’s Stussy‘s turn to show off their handy work. … READ MORE

photojojo attachable viewfinder for apple iphone 06 160x160

Photojojo – Attachable Viewfinder for Apple iPhone + iPad

Seasoned photographers will understand the importance of having a viewfinder when taking photos. It can aid in judging the correct light and composition, as well as shutting out any light glare that can be experienced while using a LCD. Photojojo came up with an ingenious product to … READ MORE

liquipel waterproof coating 01 160x160

Liquipel – Waterproof Coating for Smartphones, Tablets + iPods

Almost everyone with a smartphone, an iPod, or a tablet has a sad story of water damage to their gadgets, and California-based Liquipel has developed a special coating technology to protect your precious device. In short, their waterproof coating can be applied onto most popular gadgets without … READ MORE

lego mindstorms ev3 iphone controllable kit 0 160x160

LEGO – Mindstorms EV3 – iPhone Controllable Kit

If you’re going around telling people that you’re playing with LEGOs and you’re able to meet the height requirements to go on any amusement park ride in the country, you should understand why you may get more than a few odd looks. That is, of course, until … READ MORE

hitcase chestr iphone mount 00 160x160

Hitcase – ChestR iPhone Mount

Hitcase designs a highly functional protective case for iPhones. It makes the smartphone waterproof, while preserving all of its functions and features, such as screen, buttons, calls, and audio jack. On top of that, it’s integrated with mounts that is compatible with both GoPro and Railslide Tech, … READ MORE