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BEHRINGER iNuke Boom | The World’s Loudest Speaker Dock for iPhone

Before continuing on with this story, please take a moment to examine the photo here. Notice the Apple iPod Touch that is sitting on the top yet? This is the iNuke Boom by BEHRINGER, or what some fondly called “the M.O.A.B. of All Speakers” in reference to … READ MORE


DREAM CHEEKY iLaunch Thunder – iPhone Operated Missile Launcher

Office politic is about to go beyond idle chatter around the water cooler. Wirelessly command the iLaunch Thunder by DREAM CHEEKY and send your fellow co-workers hiding in fear. With a 270┬░horizontal coverage and an angle of more than 40┬░, you can launch a set of four … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY x Stussy – BE@RBRICK Speaker System

In conjunction with audio brand Radius, the MEDICOM TOY produced BE@RBRICK Speaker System recently got Stussy involved in the project as well. Glossy black finish imprinted with Stussy World Tour graphic in white, the system docks easily with iPhone Gen 1 to Gen 4, iPod Nano Gen … READ MORE


Stussy iPhone Frame App – “Tag With Me”

Iconic to say the least, over the last 30 years, graphics from Stussy t-shirt and advertisements have contributed to the subculture movement. Now, you can take part in it with Tag With Me, the new app for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The application allows you to … READ MORE


Sprint ZTE Peel – Turn Your iPod Touch into a Sprint iPhone

For the investment, you might as well just get an iPhone, but what if you already have an iPod Touch and are already locked into a contract else where. Sprint just introduced a slip on case called the ZTE Peel (one might confuse it as an extended … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 08/30/2010 09/03/2010

Maybe you noticed the dip in temperature or the nightly whirling of cool breeze. Yep, fall is here and so are the slews of new releases. First as a collection preview the week before, Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2010 line came to fruition on Thursday when it launched in … READ MORE


Apple – New iPod Touch + iPod Nano + iPod Shuffle | Unveiled Today

Just announced today, aside from new partnerships that could technically elevate Apple to become a competitive entertainment console provider, Steve Jobs has also unveiled a new generation of iPods. Your iPod music favorites from the Touch to the Nano and the Shuffle, have all gotten upgrades. First, … READ MORE


Incase – New iPod Cases

Incase just updated their product line-up with several new protective cases and sleeves for the new Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPod Nano, and Apple iPod Classic. Each styles come in 2 flavors: the more sturdy leather or neoprene for more form fitting. Each also has a belt … READ MORE


Incase – New Leather Folios iPod Cases

Incase just added 3 new items to its product portfolio over the weekend. Each utilized unique combination of materials to complement consumers’ needs. Such as: – Black Leather Folio: Made of ballistic nylon and water proof leather to ensure added protection for iPod. – Blue Leather Folio: … READ MORE