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A.R.C. x Reebok – PUMP 20th Anniversary Edition

If there’s an occasion that involves both “sneakers” and “the world”, you can count on New York City’s quintessential A.R.C to be a part of the global fanfare. A veteran of countless sneaker collaborations and also a retailer of exquisite taste in kicks, the store is a … READ MORE


A.R.C. X Nike – Dunk High Supreme TZ | Available Online

Nestled in between the Jordans, the New Balance, and ASICS in the recent update of A.R.C.’s official online store was this – the highly sought after collaboration Dunk High Supreme TZ with Nike.   In all-black as contrast to the all-white Air Force 1, another Nike, A.R.C. … READ MORE


A.R.C. – New Kicks Available At Online Store

With winter weather setting in, even a simple shopping excursion could become a major logistic task. Hence, the convenience of online store where items could be purchase any day or night with one exception, the difficulty in locating exclusive kicks. It was an exception till A.R.C. (ALIFE … READ MORE


A.R.C. x Nike Dunk Hi Supreme TZ + Nike Lunar Mariah TZ | Available Online

Sneaker buffs know how this works– usually, if one misses on out a Nike Tier 0 kick, chances are you are hardly ever going to see it again in a retail store (hence watching ebay like a hawk and not necessarily finding what you are looking for). … READ MORE


Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.) X Fila – Thomas Reynolds Collection

The US Open in New York City this year had not only brought around a promising good season of volleying and serves, in terms of apparel and gear, many labels such as Nike and K-Swiss as previously reported have also released gear specially in time for the … READ MORE


A.R.C. X Nike Dunk High Supreme TZ | Release Event Recap

Last Saturday marked the release of the eagerly anticipated A.R.C. (Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.)) X Nike Dunk-Hi Supreme TZ. Many showed up at A.R.C Sports to support and cop a pair of the snazzy black kicks with matching “Black, White, Gum & Bang” tee. DJ Craze spun … READ MORE


A.R.C. X Nike Dunk High Supreme TZ | Release Info

Here’s something for all you sneakerheads to chew on and anticipate this weekend: the A.R.C. (Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.)) Nike Dunk High Supreme TZ will be dropping this Saturday, Aug 1. This collaboration differs from previous A.R.C. X Nike Air Force 1 with an all black upper … READ MORE


A.R.C. Sports – Organic T-Shirts

A.R.C. Sports has released a slieu of new 100% organic cotton t-shirts. The tees draw inspiration from sports, specifically baseball and the LA Dodgers and New York Yankees. There are four different styles that are available now, each available in two colors. These tees not only feature … READ MORE


Nike x LIVESTRONG x FUTURA FLOM Dunk High – A.R.C. – Second Release

Tried as hard as you could but still missed the opportunity to get the coveted Nike Sportswear x LIVESTRONG x FUTURA – FLOM Dunk this past Saturday? Well, you might have another whack at it this Wednesday as ALIFE Rivington Club (A.R.C.) release its inventory of FLOM … READ MORE