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Incase x Arkitip – Project Space – “Yes, Yes, Yes” Works of Art by Parra

Los Angeles’ Arkitip and Incase have a longstanding partnership that has established itself as one of the best in the collaborations pyramid scheme. The collaborative line of Incase’s Apple accessories created by artists (Monsieur A., Evan Hecox…) enlisted by Arkitip have always been highly anticipated, carefully watched … READ MORE


Generic Surplus x Curated by Arkitip – Ace Hotel Palm Springs Mesh Sneakers

Ace Hotel strikes again with a winning collaboration. The boutique hotel chain is perhaps one of the rare few in the hospitality industry with an impeccable taste in seeking out collaborators (Opening Ceremony should suffice as a testament). This time around in preparation for summer, the sun, … READ MORE


Evan Hecox x Curated by Arkitip – Incase iPhone Slider Cases | Preview

To compliment Apple fiend’s favorite mobile gadgets, the sixth installment of   Curated by Arkitip created by artist-cum-designer,   Evan Hecox., will not only spot 15″ Macbook sleeves we have previewed last week, but also come with matching Incase iPhone 3G/3GS slider cases. For those who are … READ MORE

Evan Hecox x Curated By Arkitip – Incase 15″ Sleeve | Preview

For the sixth installment of Curated by Arkitip and following on the footsteps of previous collaborators such as Parra and Andre, the folks over at Arkitip had sourced out artist-cum-designer, Evan Hecox. Hecox is famed for his prints that translate the complexity of urban landscapes and everyday … READ MORE


Andre X Curated By Arkitip – Incase Capsule Collection

We didn’t get enough from the teaser images released by Incase from the label’s fifth Curated By Arkitip installment created in hand with Andre (a.k.a Monsieur A), and after much anticipation, here is a closer look at the collection of 15″ Macbook sleeve and iPhone 3GS slider … READ MORE


Andre X Curated By Arkitip – Incase iPhone Slider Case | First Look

After previewing the 15″ Macbook sleeve created by Andre for the Incase Curated By Arkitip Collection, now the collaborative line released some preview shots of its iPhone slider cases. Featuring   Andre’s rendition of the famed French tri-color, the Incase case looks simple yet cheerful in white … READ MORE

Andre X Curated By Arkitip – Incase 15″ Sleeve | First Look

For the fifth installment Curated By Arkitip Incase products, the group sought out Parisian graffiti artist, Andre (a.k.a Monsieur A) to create a collaborative 15″ sleeve for your Macbook. Andre became an acclaimed artist in the 1980s for his iconic Mr. A stick figures that later became … READ MORE

Arkitip – Arkitip Shop Opening | Today

A rather rare joyous occasion for art buffs and fans of Los Angeles’ Arkitip, the collective will be hosting another opening today at its North Western Avenue shop. Check out Arkitip’s current inventory of print editions, magazines, art books, garments, collector’s items, original fine art and Curated … READ MORE


Arkitip – Steven Harrington Presents: The Desert – 128 Miles Northeast Of Los Angeles Video

Like a giant experimental playground, Steven Harrington, along with artist Justin Krietemeyer, created The Desert: 128 Miles Northeast Of Los Angeles, in the desert just outside of L.A. Similar to Harrington’s central theme to many of his works, the project showcase that even in this desolate landscape … READ MORE


Arkitip No. 0052 – Steven Harrington

In a city abound with vanity and sudden fame, you will find Steven Harrington, an artist who looks beyond the veneer of things.   From thrift shops to the now defunct Time-Life Encyclopedias Series, Harrington is able to re-discover the subtle details that most of us, in … READ MORE


Curated by Arkitip – HunterGatherer Interview Video

Mentioned previously, the latest collaborator to participate in the Curated by Arkitip is the multi-discipline studio HunterGatherer based in New York City. It, along with its retail storefront, Igloo, in Los Angeles, promote peculiar designs and concepts… READ MORE