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Art Series Hotel – Which Warhol? Competition

In a market cluttered with advertisements, it is hard for businesses to stand out from the crowd. The http://artserieshotels.com.au”>Art Series Hotel managed to get the attention of art lovers by daring patrons to http://freshnessmag.com/2011/12/21/art-series-hotel-invites-you-to-steal-its-artwork-by-banksy/”>steal two Banksy paintings from their hotel last year. We thought that it was … READ MORE


Art Series Hotel Invites You To Steal Its Artwork By Banksy

Taking cues from the infamous 2007 theft of http://banksy.co.uk” target=”_blank”>Banksy’s “No Ball Games” stencil, where perpetrators cut away a wall section with angle grinders, Australian http://artserieshotels.com.au” target=”_blank”>Art Series Hotel invites you to steal their artworks by Banksy. No angle grinder, black mask, or gloves are needed. Simply … READ MORE