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BNE Water Foundation – Fukushima Relief Collection

It is very easy to judge a catastrophe visually, and it is obvious that Tohoku region of Japan are far from recovered from the earthquake and tsunami. However, one of the most silent epidemics threatening Japan is the nuclear radiation. Unfortunately, radiation cannot be seen, felt, smelt … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation x Godzilla x Doraemon x Astro Boy – Fukushima Relief Project | Preview

Aside from the cliché reference to Japanese pop culture, these designs, conceptualized by the notorious graffiti artist, BNE, hide a deeper meaning. Both Astro Boy and Godzilla are fictional stories that have a very strong message against nuclear power. Most may know that Godzilla was born out … READ MORE


Casio G-Shock x Astro Boy 60th Anniversary Edition

Created by “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka in 1952, Astro Boy was a Japanese comic book character who made his way into an animated television series in the early ’60s, eventually outstripping his popularity in Japan and achieving global name recognition. To celebrate the robot boy’s 60th … READ MORE


Seiko x Astro Boy – Limited Edition Seiko Galante Mighty Atom

So, first, let’s deliver the good news– Japanese electronics and timepiece maker, SEIKO, has partnered up with what could possibly be the one who defined the Anime genre, Astro Boy, to create a special timepiece. Now for the bad news– these are created in limited numbers, and … READ MORE