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Audi R8 V8 Limited Edition Celebrating 10th Le Mans Victory

In celebration of its recent victory at the 24 hours of Le Mans, Audi will be offering a new R8 V8 Limited Edition coupe. The standard equipment is impressive: magnetic ride adaptive suspension, satellite navigation, Bang and Olufsen audio, a unique interior lighting setup and Bluetooth connectivity. … READ MORE


Audi – A Day In The Life Of An Audi Drive | Video With Allan McNish

By now, the name “Allan McNish” is becoming indistinguishable to the horrendous crash at the start of Le Mans 24 Hours., when his Audi R18 TDI #3 slammed against the barrier and literally disintegrated. But Allan McNish is also known as a skillful driver with 2 wins … READ MORE


Audi R18 Won 24 Hours Of Le Mans Despite 2 Horrific Crashes | Event Recap

Behind his stoic posture, Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, head of Audi Motorsport, was very concern. Not only his competitors at Peugeot weren’t letting up, he lost 2 of his 3 Audi R18 TDI, new bastions to lead Audi’s dominance in Le Mans. The worst part, the vehicles were … READ MORE


Audi R18 – Pinewood Derby Racer | By Scout Leader Sam Francis

With motorsports’ most prestigious endurance race, 24 Hours of Le Mans, to take place this weekend. It was only fitting to visit the most talked about “vehicle”, the Audi R18. Though quite impressive in itself, the subject matter in this case is the not the actual version … READ MORE


Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro

Leading up to the motorsports world’s most prestigious endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Audi unveiled a new concept at W├Ârthersee Tour 2011 in Austria over the weekend. To emphasize its Audi A1 as a “tuner platform”, Audi designed the A1 Clubsport Quattro, a street … READ MORE


Audi Trimaran Concept | With Twin Jet Skis

Flexing its engineering prowess, luxury auto maker Audi took on the concept project by Stefanie Behringer, a student from Germany’s Pforzheim Technical College. The idea was to put Audi‘s extensive technical innovations and know-how onto the water with the Audi Trimaran. Measured at 15-meter long, or approximately … READ MORE

Audi A7 Paper Model

Audi A7 Papercraft Model

Audi has launched a number of notable, creative, and well executed ad campaigns in recent years, highlighting key company milestones, high tech product improvements, and new models. As part of the campaign behind the new A7, Audi retained graphic design artist Taras Lesko to create a paper … READ MORE

Ward's 10 Best Car Interiors 1

Ward’s 10 Best Car Interiors

Ward’s Automotive Magazine has been rating the top car interiors since before 2005, and now the 10 Best Car Interiors for 2011, as ranked by the automotive data analyzer. This isn’t just a line up of the most opulent – Range Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, etc – … READ MORE

Audi R18 TDI Le Mans Prototype 1 Testing At Sebring Raceway | Video

Many have mentioned its semblances to the Batmobile, while those in the realm of anime have said its uncanny similarities with with Zaku Mobile Suit from the Gundam anime series. But all the comparisons stop once the drivers from Audi Sport Team Joest turns on the 3.7-liter … READ MORE

Audi R8 GT/Fahraufnahme

Audi R8 GT – Available To The U.S. Market

With only 333 units slated for production, American car enthusiasts will finally get the opportunity to purchase one of the few Audi R8 GT available in the world. Revisions made on the Audi R8 base model, the R8 GT’s usage of carbon fiber allows the super car … READ MORE

2012 Audi A8 L High Security 1

2012 Audi A8 L High Security

The 2012 A8 L is a pretty safe vehicle: the base model includes a night vision assistant with pedestrian detection and warning, electronic stabilization control, Audi’s Pre-Sense monitor, which alerts drivers to potential hazards, extensive airbags, etc. But if you’re expecting driving risks beyond fender benders – … READ MORE