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United Arrows & Sons x PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida - Bullion Gold Series 01

United Arrows & Sons x PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida – “Bullion Gold” Series

As a director of United Arrows & Sons – the sub-label of Japanese fashion conglomerate United Arrows – Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi sets the standard for menswear in Japan and around the world. Not everyone may understand his unconventional style, but his influence cannot be denied. United Arrows … READ MORE


B Jirushi Yoshida x HEAD PORTER – 15th Anniversary “Tanker” Attache Case

A spin-off label from bag label PORTER, HEAD PORTER will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Itself the product of an ongoing collaboration between PORTER’s parent company, Yoshida & Co., and influencer Hiroshi Fujiwara, the popular sub-brand will be introducing a series of limited 15th anniversary … READ MORE


ilove.cat x PORTER – Cat Carrying Tote

ilove.cat is an online magazine chronicling the lives of creatives in Japan who share a passion for their feline friends. PORTER teamed up with the online publication to produce a well-designed Cat Carrying Tote. It is fitted with plenty of ventilation holes, so as to not suffocate … READ MORE


PORTER x Gore-Tex – Lite Series

PORTER worked closely with Gore-Tex Japan to create a special fabric from suited for all-weather use bags. The Lite Series boasts water resistance, wind resistance, durability, and lightweight characteristics. Rather than the fabric being completely smooth, similar to various parkas and shell jackets, they have opted for … READ MORE


B Jirushi Yoshida – Extreme Backpack + Messenger Bag

B Jirushi Yoshida, a collaborative effort between BEAMS and Yoshida & Co., is launching three new bags under the Extreme series. The Extreme series is easy to spot, as it is all black on the exterior and features a basic style. On top of that, these bags … READ MORE


B Jirushi Yoshida x nonnative x Gramicci – Climber Easy Shorts + Pants

B Jirushi Yoshida (GS) is a retail store, a joint venture by BEAMS and Yoshida & Co., at the Narita Airport in Japan. Aside from carrying a wide range of their own items, their product selection focuses on travelers and their journey. This Climber Easy Shorts and … READ MORE


PORTER – Luggage Label Madison Document Case

B Jirushi Yoshida is a store opened by BEAMS and Yoshida & Co., and they have just received a delivery of the latest Madison Document Case from PORTER. These cases are part of the Luggage Label, a premium line dedicated to leather products for businessmen, and they … READ MORE


foot the coacher x PORTER – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

foot the coacher is a famous Japanese footwear brand, established to produce casual shoes inspired by European dress shoes. The brand’s designer and founder, Toshinosuke Takegahara, once worked at the bespoke collection of Tricker’s, learning and improving his craft. Apart from its footwear, foot the coacher recently … READ MORE


White Mountaineering x PORTER – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

As White Mountaineering starts to make deliveries from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, it has become apparent PORTER was given the responsibility of handling the manufacturing of some of the accessories and bags. All of the pieces are made from leather material and use the sandy Earth tones … READ MORE


PORTER – Tanker Day Pack

The Tanker is an iconic series from PORTER that debuted in 1983, and its inspiration comes from the MA-1 flight jacket. This series is still very popular today, and here we take a look at the latest Day Pack to get the Tanker treatment. An all-black exterior … READ MORE


PORTER – Cambio Tote Bag

It is handy to have at least one good tote bag in your closet and the newly designed Cambio Tote Bag from PORTER could be a good start for those without a decent tote bag. Its key feature is its ability to be reversible, offering two different … READ MORE