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PORTER – Tanker Day Pack

The Tanker is an iconic series from PORTER that debuted in 1983, and its inspiration comes from the MA-1 flight jacket. This series is still very popular today, and here we take a look at the latest Day Pack to get the Tanker treatment. An all-black exterior … READ MORE


PORTER – Cambio Tote Bag

It is handy to have at least one good tote bag in your closet and the newly designed Cambio Tote Bag from PORTER could be a good start for those without a decent tote bag. Its key feature is its ability to be reversible, offering two different … READ MORE


PORTER – Extreme Rucksack

The rucksack market is pretty fierce with a lot of major players jockeying for the pole position ahead of the warmer months to come. What they often forget amid their competition with one another is that people want a bag that is well-designed, has a sleek profile, … READ MORE


PORTER – Klunkerz Messenger Bag

Klunkerz refers to the progressive-thinking, fun-loving hippies who started the sport of mountain biking in the 60′s and 70′s, before mountain bikes were even mass produced. These messenger bags from PORTER pay tribute to the free-thinking cyclists and their design revolves around ultimate functionality. The exterior of … READ MORE


PORTER – Regista Messenger Bag

The Regista series from PORTER is aimed at catering towards active individuals, and their products place extra emphasis on functionality. This Regista Messenger Bag lives up to its concept and is made from durable and breathable nylon material on its exterior. It has also been treated with … READ MORE


PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida x Rock Steady – Live Tote

In New York City, there was CBGB (or CBGB & OMFUG), the dingy bar where punk rock was born. Similarly in Tokyo, there was Rock Steady. While less conspicuous than CBGB, Rock Steady had the same audience and a favorite gathering place for Tokyo’s creative types. And … READ MORE

Unity Briefcase Black

United Arrows & Sons x PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida – Unity Briefcase

The Tanker style is one of the best sellers from PORTER and the distinctive nylon body gives it a slight sheen and padding provides the soft texture. In an effort to turn convention upside down, United Arrows & Sons director Poggy, aka Motofumi Kogi, combined the creatives … READ MORE


White Mountaineering x PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida – Leather Waist Pack

In search of the perfect waist pack, White Mountaineering designer Yosuke Aizawa looked no further than the common tool pouch carried by construction workers.  Its perfect proportions, however, needed a few improvements.  In place of the common cowhide, Aizawa opted for supple calf leather instead.  And to … READ MORE

B Jirushi Yoshida x PORTER x GUNPLA

B Jirushi Yoshida x PORTER x GUNPLA – 30th Anniversary Hobby Bag and Gundam Set

This collaboration goes to show that adults are just as much into making Gundam plastic models as kids and perhaps plastic models are becoming more fashionable. For the 30th anniversary of GUNPLA (short for Gundam plastic model) by Japanese toy giant, Bandai, they have teamed up with … READ MORE