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Nike MAG 2011 (McFly) | Detailed Look

With an expansive list of to-do’s and to-see’s at our visit of Los Angeles, none was as important as the top item – a first look at the new Nike MAG 2011. Its chance introduction on the 1989 film, Back To The Future II., forever enshrined it … READ MORE

Nike MAG 2011 (McFly) – Design Process with Tinker Hatfield | Event Recap

There is a saying in the creative industry, that one should keep all of their works, including the failed ones, for future prosperity. It looks like Nike lead designer, Tinker Hatfield, took that advice to heart. Spread across a back-lit table, Hatfield, in his signature cerebral mannerism, … READ MORE


Nike MAG 2011 (McFly) Launch | Event Recap

While it is almost for certain that those of us gathered in Los Angeles  will see the unveiling of the 2011 Nike MAG yesterday, officials from Nike kept up the “need to know basis” protocol during most of the morning.  Then, it was onto a convoy of … READ MORE


Nike Presents Back For The Future @ The Montalbán | Event Recap

Just when actor Michael J. Fox is set to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City, hundreds of industry insiders, media personalities, and celebrities attended Back For The Future event in Los Angeles last night.  With actual props and sets from Back … READ MORE


Nike MAG 2011 (McFly) Officially Unveiled

The 2011 NIKE MAG – It’s About Time. – Nike Many proclaimed it to be the “greatest shoe never made.”. Some naysayers even gone as far as calling it “vaporware”. But all the changed this afternoon at the back lot of Universal Studios as Nike CEO Mark … READ MORE


Nike MAG 2011 (McFly) – Release Info

The importance of October 21st, 2015, is quite comprehensible to sneakerheads around the world. While that very sequence of events in 1989 Back To The Future II was fictional. When Marty McFly (played by actor Michael J. Fox) stepped into the futuristic Nike Mag and movie going … READ MORE


Marty McFly To Make An Appearance On The Late Show With David Letterman

We barely made it out from our hotel rooms when this news came through the wire. In what might be the biggest publicity scheme this year, actor Michael J. Fox, who played the hero Marty McFly on the three Back To The Future franchise, will make a … READ MORE


Nike – “McFly’s Closet” | Teaser

Still digesting the mysterious amenity package left by Nike when a succession of quick knocks on our hotel doors led us to another cryptic message left behind. It simply stated to look for “DocEmmettBrown88″ on the Internet. Within no time, we came up with this video on … READ MORE


Nike – “It’s About Time” | Doc Brown’s Aluminum Shade

It was something out of military lore.  There were no indicators, no hints, even our Nike hosts answered our inquisitions with smiles and simple responses, “You’ll see”…  Some hours later and still woozy from jet lags, we arrived  in Los Angeles for a “secret event”.   But … READ MORE