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Bandit9 – Bishop Concept Motorcycle

Beijing-Based Bandit9 recently launched an outpost in Saigon, and the latest project out of the gates is the Bishop Concept, based on a 125cc Honda SuperSport and featuring a metallic unibody constructed from a single block of high-grade aluminum. The custom bike specialist is tapping a pair of incongruous … READ MORE


Bandit9 Eve Motorcycle

Followers of Bandit9 have come to expect unique creations from the outfit’s design masterminds, and the upcoming Eve Motorcycle is just the sort of thing that China’s premier custom bike manufacturer can hang its hat on. Based on a 1967 Honda SS, the Eve is powered by engines … READ MORE


Bandit9 NERO MKII Custom Motorcycle

Stripped down austerity doesn’t normally connote roadway menace, but it does at the expert hands of the custom motorcycle builders from Beijing-based Bandit9. The outfit’s Nero MKII, entirely finished in a matte black paint job, features a custom gas tank, rear cowl and fork, as well as specially … READ MORE


Bandit9 – The Atlas

Dubbed the Atlas, this beautifully reworked Yamaha XVS 400 is the handiwork of Daryl Villanueva and his Beijing-based Bandit9 team. The motorcycle underwent three different design iterations over the course of an entire year, with the custom Yamaha outfitted receiving an extended body and a lower, more aggressive stance, riding on 19-inch … READ MORE


Bandit9 – NERO Custom Motorcycle

First started in Saigon, custom motorcycle builder Daryl Villanueva relocated his Bandit9 design shop to Beijing last year when he realized there were no rumbling ride of art on its streets. Since then, Bandit9 has become a specialist in the conversion of Chang Jiang 750 (aka Yangtze … READ MORE