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Banksy – New Street Art in Bristol, U.K.

Legendary British street artist Banksy returns to his roots for his next piece of art, further proving reports of his arrest were a hoax. Just surfaced in his hometown of Bristol, U.K., Banksy’s latest is his own rendition of Vermeer’s famous “Girl With a Pearl Earring” painting, … READ MORE

Banksy in New York Book 01

“Banksy in New York” Book

You may recall the time Bansky took over New York City for an impromptu art show on our streets last year. Whether you were away from the city or were overseas and could not see the artworks in person, this new publication might give you the best … READ MORE

Laurence King - The Art Game Artists Trump Cards 01

Laurence King – The Art Game: Artists’ Trump Cards

In the increasingly digital age, it is refreshing to see a printed card game conceptualized, instead of an app for our smartphones and tablets. Laurence King worked with acclaimed art writer James Cahill and Copenhagen-based illustrator Mikkel Sommer on The Art Game: Artists’ Trump Card. These playing … READ MORE


Banksy Unveils “Meat Truck” Illustration

Street artist Banksy uploaded another strangely humorous illustration to his official website earlier today. A sketch based on the “Sirens of the Lambs” mobile installation for his “Better Out Than In” residency in New York City last year, it depicts screaming cutesy stuffed animals on their way … READ MORE

Banksy - New Street Artworks 01

Banksy – New Street Artworks

Banksy is back at it again with his usual antics. He has stenciled two new artworks in the streets for the world to marvel at. In fact, one piece is yet to be officially claimed by the notorious British artist, but it is most likely by Banksy. … READ MORE

Banksy x BNE Water Foundation - Collaboration Project 01

Banksy x BNE Water Foundation – Collaboration Project

As far as street artists and graffiti writers are concerned, these two names are definitely high up on the list in terms of notoriety and sheer volume of high impact works. Although, both Banksy and BNE keeps their identities low key, their works are very prominent around … READ MORE


Banksy – The Fate Of His NYC Artwork

The month of October saw Banksy taking to the streets of New York city to continue his reign as one of the most elusive and mysterious graffiti artists in the world. We featured some of his tags and ephemeral paintings from around the city, including his “Better … READ MORE


Os Gemeos x Banksy For “Better Out Than In”

Banksy has taken to his his personal site to showcase the latest installment for “Better Out Than In,” the artist’s month-long “residency” in New York City. Consisting of two paintings made in collaboration with Brazilian twin brothers Os Gemeos, the installation is located on West 24th Street between 10th and … READ MORE


Banksy Anonymously Sold His Art in Central Park

In one of his most audacious stunts yet, Banksy set up a stall in Central Park last Saturday, peddling his stenciled prints for a mere $60 a pop. The elusive street artist had posted on his personal site that he would be “attempting to host an entire … READ MORE


Banksy Converts New York Delivery Truck Into Mobile Garden | “Better Out Than In” Exhibit

Not limiting himself or his art at only one location, Banksy converted an everyday delivery truck into a hidden, mobile garden of sort for his month-long “Better Out Than In” outdoor exhibition across New York City. According to the comical, snarky audio guide read over the phone, … READ MORE


Banksy – “Better Out Than In” | An Outdoor Exhibit in NYC

In the world of Public Art, Banksy is straight-up badass. His notoriety as an England-based artist, political activist, film director, and painter is due to his dark-humoured graffiti that he has audaciously posted on streets, walls, and bridges in cities throughout the international community. Shit, the man has … READ MORE