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Banksy – “Slave Labour” Mural Sells For $1.1 Million At Auction

Banksy‘s notorious “Slave Labour” mural has sold for $1.1 million through a private London auction. Depicting a grim-faced child assembling Union Jack bunting while crouched at a sewing machine, the mural originally appeared in May 2012 on the wall of a Poundland retail store in Wood Green, … READ MORE


Selim Varol – “At Home I’m A Tourist” Exhibition | Malaga

The name, Selim Varol, may not sound familiar to some viewers, yet his incredible collection of toys and artworks might jog your memory. Almost a year ago from today, Varol set out to display 30,000 pieces of toys and artworks at me Collectors Room in Berlin. That … READ MORE


Bonhams – Urban Art Auction | London

Founded in 1973, British private auction house, Bonhams, is one of the world’s oldest and largest auctioneers for fine art and antiques. In their vast catalog of artworks are recent acquisitions of urban art from the past few decades. Notable artists include Banksy, SEEN, José Parlá, Shepard … READ MORE


Banksy Offered in Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction

British artist Banksy doesn’t pull punches; his street art, sculpture, and graffiti combine dark humor with satire and almost any idea, emotion, and theme is on the table. And now, on October 13, at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction, you can throw in your own bid for … READ MORE


Banksy – “Er…” Do-It-Yourself Print

Earlier this week London was the scene of a jubilee river pageant in which 1,000 vessels sailed down the River Thames, one of the more dramatic events in a four-day celebration paying tribute to 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Pictures on the Walls is joining … READ MORE


Banksy: The Bristol Legacy Book | By Sansom & Co

Without a doubt, Banksy has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the art world, no matter how you view him or his work. Banksy has managed to maintain his secrecy while still breaking into the mainstream. Back in 2009, Bansky held an exhibition … READ MORE


Carmichael Gallery – Original Banksy Works Available

Although there are plenty of original Banksy artworks in existence around the world, it is hard to find a good range of pieces to choose from. Carmichael Gallery in Culver City, California is a reputable gallery with a large inventory of originals works by the notorious British … READ MORE


Art Series Hotel Invites You To Steal Its Artwork By Banksy

Taking cues from the infamous 2007 theft of Banksy‘s “No Ball Games” stencil, where perpetrators cut away a wall section with angle grinders, Australian Art Series Hotel invites you to steal their artworks by Banksy. No angle grinder, black mask, or gloves are needed. Simply locate the … READ MORE


Banksy – “Fallen” Statue

If anything, British artist Banksy is known for his mordant wit. On the heels of his “Cardinal Sin” sculpture at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery, Banksy has unveiled a new work, “Fallen,” that depicts the fractured remains of a Roman soldier statue. Is it a statement about crumbling … READ MORE


Banksy – “Cardinal Sin” | Video

Art world’s l’enfant terrible is making headline once again. Always a provocateur, Banksy unveiled his new sculpture, Cardinal Sin, at Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, England. A tile mosaic strategically placed on a replica bust of a cardinal, its a visual protest on the disturbing child abuse … READ MORE


Banksy – The Antics Roadshow | Video

Banksy definitely has few tricks up his sleeve and it was evident when Exit Through The Gift Shop launched last year. His antics are crossing into popular culture and his medium of choice is not limited to the streets or galleries anymore. The Antics Roadshow was produced … READ MORE