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Banksy – Save Or Delete Jungle Book | Painting Sold For $121,700 At Auction

An interesting art work went for bit earlier this morning in London’s Bonhams auction house. Lot number 67 on its Urban Art venue is a work by none other than Banksy. Sold for £78,000, or around $121,700, the painting, titled “Save or Delete Jungle Book” elaborated on … READ MORE


New Banksy Pops Up In London

Banksy seems to be all over the place recently, with a new title for The Simpsons making him the talk of town and the web space, and now, new pieces which had popped up in London. One of the three pieces which had shown up includes another … READ MORE


Banksy x The Simpsons – Banksy Directs Simpson Opening Sequence | Video

The Simpsons are known for its creative introductions and cameos. This time around, The Simpsons had roped in one of the world’s most clandestine and influential graffiti artists, Banksy, into its intro piece, and had Banksy direct the short. While his signature stenciling didn’t come into play, … READ MORE


Banksy – “Exit Through The Gift Shop” DVD/Blu-Ray

Described as the world’s first Street Art disaster movie, Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is about a failed relationship between Banksy and Thierry Guetta. The movie, which debuted in the US a few months ago, kicked off with Guetta first befriending and approaching Banksy in hope … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 5/17/2010 – 5/21/2010

Since the weather has been getting more stable, and sunshine becomes a more consistent presence in our lives, everyone’s coming out to play. Also, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be kicking off extremely soon, the sportswear giants have been gearing up for this year’s biggest … READ MORE


Banksy In New York City | The Twilight Graffiti Saga

One of the most clandestine graffiti artist in the world, Banksy, has been uncharacteristically exposed in the spotlight with the artist’s directorial debut, “Exit Through The Giftshop“, and he has been traveling through stateside in promoting his film. While Banksy made his way through New York City, … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review – 4/12/2010 – 4/16/2010

In New York City, the April weather is always volatile. This week marks a dip back into the cold, but things are still happening around the world. For instance, people are still stealing street art (Banksy’s piece in Los Angeles have been removed) and Coachella is still … READ MORE


Banksy Heist In LA Footage | Video

Perhaps an inspired crime, not long after Banksy premiered his directorial debut “Exit Through The Gift Shop” in Los Angeles, the graffiti artist’s work on a wall in Los Angeles’ La Brea Avenue had been stolen. As in, someone literally knocked off a chunk of the wall … READ MORE


Banksy – “Exit Through The Gift Shop” Premiere | Recap

Perhaps one of the most clandestine street artist with the most heavily guarded identity, Banksy, has captured the imagination of the world not only with his persona but also his art. Banksy’s work often combines writing and his signature stenciled styles, and lends voices to those who … READ MORE


Banksy – Bristol City Museum Exhibition

In an interesting turn of events, once a menace on the streets of Bristol and around the world, Banksy has gotten back to his roots and opened a surprise exhibition in his hometown of Bristol in UK. Bristol City Museum is proudly exhibiting the latest works by … READ MORE


Untitled – Street Art in the Counter Culture

  Street art has come along way with many artists around the world taking part and showing off their creativity for the public to see. Untitled is a 192 page book which contains the best artists of the scene and a must see for street art enthusiasts. … READ MORE