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BARACUTA – James Cycling Jacket

British label, Baracuta is most well know for its G9 The Original Harrington Jacket. The likes of James Bond and Pete Doherty had been seen wearing Baracuta’s signature outwear. Now, the label is branching out into one of the hottest culture in urban cities– cycling. The new … READ MORE


BARACUTA X Junya Watanabe COMME des GARçONS – Vintage Fit G4 Jacket

In an environment as volatile as the fashion industry, only a handful of cult classics survived the true tests of taste and time. The BARACUTA G9 Original Harrington Jacket is one of these rare fashion veterans who managed to survive the war, and then, the dotcom crash. … READ MORE

BARACUTA x Kent + Curwen - Perforated Leather G9 Jacket

BARACUTA x Kent + Curwen – G9 Perforated Leather Harrington Jacket

The return of a classic icon, the Manchester-based BARACUTA is winning a new generation of fans with its signature G9, a jacket made from waterproof yet breathable cotton canvas juxtaposed with the vibrant Fraser tartan plaid lining.  After its recent collaborations with the likes of BEAMS and … READ MORE

BARACUTA x BEAMS+ - Spring 2009 G9 Jacket

BARACUTA x BEAMS+ – Spring 2009 G9 Harrington Jacket

It was the preferred outerwear for the likes of Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, the Manchester-based BARACUTA still retains much of that prominence some 50 years later to a new generation of trend setters.  Recently, Japanese retail giant BEAMS launched a new rejection of the classic BARACUTA … READ MORE

BARACUTA – Warehouse Sale

Much like its fellow British label, Mackintosh, which transformed the lowly raincoat into a classic. The Manchester-based BARACUTA changed the simple blouson jacket into a symbol of cool. Its G9 jacket, made of breathable yet waterproof cotton canvas with the flare of Fraser tartan plaid interior, became … READ MORE