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dr romanelli x barneys japan - spring 2012 vintage fleeve blazer collection - 9

Dr. Romanelli x Barneys Japan – Spring 2012 Vintage Fleece Blazer Collection

From their work on a http://freshnessmag.com/2012/04/13/drx-romanelli-x-lebron-james-snakeskin-miami-heat-jersey-for-unknwn/” target=”_blank”>snakeskin Miami Heat Jersey for LeBron James, we know http://drromanelli.com” target=”_blank”>Dr. Romanelli can go big and exotic, but their Spring 2012 Fleece Blazer Collection proves they can also keep it classy and vintage. Including a selection of seven blazers carefully crafted … READ MORE


DRx Romanelli – Fall/Winter 2011 – “Another Summit” Collection

http://drromanelli.com/collections#/bamford” target=”_blank”>DRx Romanelli presents a first look at his F/W “Another Summit” collection for http://barneys.co.jp/” target=”_blank”>Barneys Japan. The capsule consists of reconstructed Cowichan sweaters, developed by the Cowichan people of southeastern Vancouver Island for warmth and protection against the elements. The heavy-knit sweaters feature geometric patterns and … READ MORE