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Batman: Arkham Knight – Official Gameplay Trailer | Video

The first trailer depicting the gameplay action from https://batmanarkhamknight.com/” target=”_blank”>Batman: Arkham Knight — the successor to last year’s http://freshnessmag.com/2013/05/20/batman-arkham-origins-official-trailer-video/” target=”_blank”>Batmam: Arkham Origins — has been released today, and it will no doubt make gamers impatient for the title’s October launch date. Not only are we treated to a good … READ MORE


Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Official Movie Logo

Movie studio http://warnerbros.com” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros. just released the official logo to its upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Officially known as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the film is a sequel to director Zack Snyder’s 2013 hit http://manofsteel.warnerbros.com” target=”_blank”>Man of Steel with Henry Cavill reprising his role as … READ MORE


Zack Snyder Unveils Ben Affleck as Batman and the New Batmobile

Like Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan before him, director http://CruelFilms.com%20″ target=”_blank”>Zack Snyder is putting his mark on the Batman film franchise for the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman (working title). In addition to his controversial pick of actor Ben Affleck as the next http://dccomics.com/characters/batman” target=”_blank”>Batman, Snyder will … READ MORE


“Batman: Strange Days” – Batman 75th Anniversary Animated Short | Video

Illustrated by Bob Kane with a storyline by Bill Finger, http://dccomics.com/characters/batman” target=”_blank”>Batman made his debut in Detective Comics #27 with a publication date of March 30, 1939. 75 years later, Gotham City’s best known vigilante is also an iconoclast considering the franchise’s popularity then and now. To … READ MORE


Gal Gadot Cast As Wonder Woman In Upcoming “Man of Steel: Batman vs. Superman” Sequel

Maybe a move to repair its reputation among fans after (wrongfully) casting actor Ben Affleck as the next Batman, movie studio http://warnerbros.com” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros. announced on Wednesday that Gal Gadot will be Wonder Woman in the upcoming http://manofsteel.warnerbros.com” target=”_blank”>Man of Steel: Batman vs. Superman sequel. A winner … READ MORE


Jay Leno’s Garage – Batman’s Tumbler | Video

In the years since late night talk show host http://nbc.com/the-tonight-show” target=”_blank”>Jay Leno started his http://jaylenosgarage.com” target=”_blank”>Jay Leno’s Garage video series, the program is now a must-visit pit-stop for any and all wheeled creations. Most recently, Leno and his staffs played host to the Batman’s Tumbler from director … READ MORE


“Dark As Night” BATMAN-Inspired Motorcycle Helmet

With extensive know-how in plastic molding, the creative team from http://helmetdawg.com” target=”_blank”>Helmet Dawg was able to put together an impressive http://dccomics.com/batman” target=”_blank”>BATMAN-inspired motorcycle helmet. Billed as “Dark As Night,” the black -on-black design features a http://gmaxhelmet.com” target=”_blank”>GMax GM48S Platinum Series full-face motorcycle helmet as its base. Then … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Pack

More than any other superheroes on the silver screen, http://dccomics.com/batman” target=”_blank”>Batman continues to be a litmus test for each generation. In the 80s and 90s, directors http://timburton.com” target=”_blank”>Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher imagined a masked crusader with fanciful gadgetry, glossy appendages, and a PG-rated storyline. The terrorist … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY Exhibition 2013 Event Recap

If you missed the http://medicomtoy.co.jp”>MEDICOM TOY Exhibition 2013 event in Japan, and is wondering what took place, here is a visual recap of the eight-day event. MEDICOM TOY showed off all of their figures and toys last month, wowing fans that attended the much-anticipated show. One of … READ MORE


Batman: Arkham Origins – Official Gamelplay Trailer | Video

Fresh on the heels of the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/05/20/batman-arkham-origins-official-trailer-video/” target=”_blank”>official trailer, http://dccomics.com/” target=”_blank”>D.C. Comics and http://warnerbros.com/videogames/index.html” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros. Games unveiled a first glimpse into the gameplay action of the hotly anticipated Arkham prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins, at this week’s http://e3expo.com/” target=”_blank”>E3 conference. As previously noted, the story takes place … READ MORE


Batman: Arkham Origins – Official Trailer | Video

Following last month’s http://freshnessmag.com/2013/04/09/batman-arkham-origins-preview/” target=”_blank”>announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins, http://warnerbros.com/” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros. has unveiled the official trailer for the highly anticipated game. The hallmark of the cinematic clip is an action-packed fight scene between Batman and Deathstroke, as well as a glimpse of Black Mask, the mob … READ MORE