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DC Comics: The New 52 – DC Universe Gets A Massive Reboot And Overhaul

In the Old Testament, God sent forth a great flood to wash away what He created in order to start anew. The storied comic book publishing house DC Comics will put in motion an undertaking similar in scope as well. Starting today, the clocks at DC Comics … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer | Video

A chorus hauntingly chants “the fire rises” from the background, a metropolis in peril, crumbling apart, and a man in search of purpose but to what extent? With the first teaser of The Dark Knight Rises, the last of the Batman trilogy, director Christopher Nolan asks the … READ MORE


Batmobile by Putsch Racing – Powered With Real Jet Turbine Engine

Disappointment galore… Since the corny portrayal by actor Adam West to the recent arcane creation by director Christopher Nolan, none of the Batman‘s Batmobiles have actual powerplant which harness the dynamism of jet propulsion. Not till Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing put his engineering skills to the … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Rises – Bane | First Look

This past weekend saw a slew of movie trailers as the lucrative summer blockbuster season approaches. Yes, there was the Transformers: Dark of the Moon, X-Men: First Class, and Green Lantern, not to forget the much anticipated finale to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow. What had … READ MORE

Wolverine Iron Man

New Era x DC Comics x Marvel x Transformers – Super Hero Collection

New Era once again reached out to legendary comic book characters in a compilation series of new caps named Super Hero Collection. For this collection characters from DC Comics, Marvel and Transformers all make an appearance, including the  most popular characters – Batman, Superman and Spiderman.  Each … READ MORE


Actual Batmobile From 1992 Batman Returns Up For Auction

In the world movie cars, none took more of a center stage than the Batmobile from Tim Burton‘s Batman movies 2 decades ago. Now you can own a piece of movie history as Batmobile #3, the original vehicle from the 1992 blockbuster Batman Returns, is put on … READ MORE


Converse All Star Chuck Taylor – Batman Pack

Batman fans get much love from Converse as well with the All Star Chuck Taylor Batman pack released at the same time as the Superman and Green Lantern Packs. The darker tones of the two sneaker designs reflect on the character and personality of Batman himself. There … READ MORE


BATMAN Bat-Pod Replica

An all-American Harley, a speedy Ninja, or the Bat-Pod? For fans of the flawed superhero, BATMAN, the choice is probably obvious. Though we are not quite certain how this Bat-Pod came about, but someone created a winning replica which looks extremely similar to the one BATMAN actually … READ MORE