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Gerber – Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

If you’ve served in the British special forces, climbed Mt. Everest, and survived dozens of self-imposed survival scenarios hosted all around the world, you would be just the guy to partner with Gerber on an Ultimate Survival Pack. Just as important as keeping your wits about you … READ MORE


Dockers – Alpha Khaki Skate Test | Video

If Dockers‘ new Alpha Khaki can outlast the abuses put on by survivalist hunk Bear Grylls, then it can certainly endure a simple kickflip by a skater, so the the theory goes. To test out this hypothesis, Auvy Ruelos, a designer at Dockers’ and a skater himself, … READ MORE


Dockers Alpha Khaki Camo

When survival specialist Bear Grylls is your spokesperson, you better be sure you have something that will live up to the task, hence the new Dockers Alpha Khaki in Camouflage. Constructed out of heavier cotton twill, Dockers designed the Alpha Khaki series to take on all the … READ MORE