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Bloomingdale’s x Dr. Romanelli Beetle Bailey vs Popeye Bomber Jacket Collection

A timeless friendly rivalry played out in the most unique of scenarios, department store giant Bloomingdale’s will begin to offer the centerpiece of its Beetle Bailey vs. Popeye limited edition collection, the Beetle Bailey vs. Popeye Bomber Jackets. Conceived by Darren Romanelli, best known as Dr. Romanelli, … READ MORE


Dr. Romanelli x MEDICOM TOY – Popeye and Beetle Bailey BE@RBRICKS

Who is the doctor that they go to see when they need to perform a high caliber collaboration with precision? Dr. Romanelli of course. And he has not lost his touch at all by the looks of his latest project. We reported on the CONVERSE x Dr. … READ MORE


CONVERSE x Dr. Romanelli – Beetle Bailey vs Popeye Collection

An unique expression of an old friendly rivalry, artist Dr. Romanelli ascribed the classic Army versus Navy football game played each December with a twist of Americana and humor. With classic comic strip Beetle Bailey as the Army Black Knights and spinach eating Popeye as the Navy … READ MORE