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Packer Shoes x PRO-Keds x Biz Markie Backyard Barbeque | Video

Summer heat brought on a good dose of fun 2 weekends ago as the one and only http://bizmarkie.com/”>Biz Markie played chef at Backyard BBQ sponsored by Packer Shoes and http://google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=Cc-dFzb0ITqLGCMqh0AGt0aXFDKzjxdMB5N-IiBqCjIqXAQgAEAEgtlRQgo3i5gRgyb7zirSk2A-gAfry2P4DyAEBqgQeT9BiFAzFIcis2Blsb4Lkr2YBvdRIuYOo7jN2xJW_gAWQTg&sig=AGiWqtyDido1-l3FvcrYP6ngUtO0YDLshA&ved=0CCgQ0Qw&adurl=http://keds.com/store/SiteController/kedspro/home%3Fkwid%3DG_Pro_Ked&rct=j&q=pro%20jeds&cad=rja”>PRO-Keds.  Harked back to the good old day’s of block parties, Biz met and greeted with fans old … READ MORE


Packer Shoes x PRO-Keds x Biz Markie – Backyard Barbeque | Event Recap

http://packershoes.com/”>Packer Shoes in Teaneck, NJ was the site of a good ol’ fashioned barbeque DJ’d and MC’d by old school hip-hop legend and Yo Gabba Gabba star http://bizmarkie.com/”>Biz Markie. The cause for celebration was the release of the http://google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=Cc-dFzb0ITqLGCMqh0AGt0aXFDKzjxdMB5N-IiBqCjIqXAQgAEAEgtlRQgo3i5gRgyb7zirSk2A-gAfry2P4DyAEBqgQeT9BiFAzFIcis2Blsb4Lkr2YBvdRIuYOo7jN2xJW_gAWQTg&sig=AGiWqtyDido1-l3FvcrYP6ngUtO0YDLshA&ved=0CCgQ0Qw&adurl=http://keds.com/store/SiteController/kedspro/home%3Fkwid%3DG_Pro_Ked&rct=j&q=pro%20jeds&cad=rja”>PRO-Keds 69er in collaboration with Packer Shoes. Three models … READ MORE


Packer Shoes x PRO-Keds Backyard BBQ Event | With Biz Markie

http://bizmarkie.com” target=”_blank”>Biz Markie, hip-hop’s original funny man, along with New Jersey’s own http://packershoes.com” target=”_blank”>Packer Shoes, will be hosting a Backyard BBQ event on Sunday, June 26th. The timeless summer tradition is to celebrate the launch of another classic, the PRO-Keds 69ers designed in conjunction with Markie himself. … READ MORE


UNDFTD x PUMA Clyde – New York City | Event Recap

First arrived in the West Coast, understandably the http://freshnessmag.com/2011/04/01/undefeated-x-puma-clyde-spring-2011-collection/”>UNDFTD x PUMA Clyde celebration finally arrived in the Big Apple last night as part of the Good Units venue. Packed with eager fans, party goers, and personalities from the entertainment industry, a clash of style took place on … READ MORE