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Black Scale x adidas Originals | Teaser

What was a chance discussion between HUF’s Keith Hufnagel and Mega, then an employee at the brand, led to what we now know as Black Scale. Harks back to the early day of streetwear culture, Black Scale’s designs are decidedly subversive and tempered with hints of cynicism, … READ MORE


Black Scale x Motown Records – Capsule Collection

Producing one of the more unexpected collaborations we’ve seen in recent years, Black Scale has teamed up with the legendary Motown Records for a capsule collection of graphic tees, pullover hoodie, zip-up hoodie and snapback caps and beanies. The color palette sticks to Black Scale’s neutral black, white … READ MORE


Black Scale Fall 2014 Collection Lookbook

Fall 2014 reveals Black Scale as a brand in transition. Graphic tees and snapbacks maintain a direct line to the label’s streetwear roots, but the collection at large presents a runway aesthetic suitable for Fashion Week. Outerwear is the star of the show here, featuring modern takes … READ MORE

Black-Scale - Sativa Pack Collection Lookbook 03

Black-Scale – “Sativa Pack” Collection Lookbook

People call it weed, dope, chronic, grass, and countless other slang words, but Black Scale decided to name this new collection after its scientific species, cannabis sativa. This Sativa Pack is not a new concept, but a clever spin on the recreational and medicinal drug: an all-over … READ MORE


Black Scale x Diamond Supply Co. x PacSun Capsule Collection

Independent streetwear brands Black Scale and Diamond Supply Co. have teamed up with the nationwide retail chain PacSun on a small capsule collection of graphic tees representing a collision of “lifestyle, skate and fashion,” offered in both short- and long-sleeve styles. Done up in Black Scale’s signature black … READ MORE

Black Scale x FTC - Collaboration Collection Lookbook Video 05

Black Scale x FTC – Collaboration Collection Lookbook | Video

When it came time to collaborate on a special collection, San Francisco-based Black Scale and FTC looked into the dark side of life for the collection concept. Themed around occultist, Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and the author of The Satanic Bible, as … READ MORE


Black Scale – Summer 2014 Footwear Collection

For Summer 2014 Black Scale has released its Gazon chukka in a trio of individual colorways, two in straightforward black and red hues and a third finished in a vibrant floral print. Each pair is built with an upper crafted from lightweight ballistic mesh, complemented with painted metal eyelets, waxed … READ MORE

Black-Scale - Summer 2014 Baseball Jersey QS Collection 01

Black Scale – Summer 2014 Baseball Jersey QS Collection

At a time when plenty of labels and retailers are beginning to offer discounts on Spring/Summer 2014 season products, Black Scale pulls out a surprise curve ball in the form of its Quickstrike baseball jersey. The garments are produced in three colorways – black/white, black/orange, and grey/orange – … READ MORE


Black Scale – Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

In anticipation of the drop of their Summer 2014 collectiontomorrow, Black Scale uploaded a digital lookbook to highlight the range. An interesting departure this season is the exploration of colors outside of black, which has been the go-to tone for the Californian brand. However, do not expect … READ MORE


Black Scale – SF Quickstrike Collection

A thriving city of 4.5 million, San Francisco has long been the epicenter of American counterculture since the 1960s. It all started with the hippie movement around the Haight-Ashbury district and continues onward today in the forms of subversive messages highlighted by influencers such as the brand … READ MORE


Black Scale – VV Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

Shot in Venice Beach, California, by local photographer Cesario “Block” Montano, the lookbook for Black Scale‘s VV Summer 2014 collection is imbued with a distinct SoCal vibe. Keeping things regional, the shoot featured the modeling talents of Montano’s girlfriend Angelina Bordeaux, along with the creative vision of Kim Matulova, … READ MORE