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Monocle x m-flo – Monocle x BlackBerry Christmas Concert

Last Wednesday, Japanese group m-flo had their debut London performance at the Monocle x BlackBerry Christmas Concert. The quintessential magazine of art, design and everything worthy of mention hosted m-flo for a 70 minute set, right after the group just had their 10th anniversary concert in Tokyo. … READ MORE


BlackBerry – Bold 9700 3G Smartphone (AKA Bold 2) | With Wi-Fi Calling

The anticipation is over!   This morning BlackBerry officially announced the new Bold 9700 Smartphone, otherwise known as Bold 2 in some circle. One key feature most will notice is the Trackball, or the lack of it in this case.   Designers at BlackBerry decided to replace … READ MORE

Slingplayer on Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold x Slingplayer = Live TV to go

For most who jumped from the Blackberry Curve or even an iPhone to the Blackberry Bold the new gadget’s coolness generally last for a few weeks. After that, most will begin to experiment with software to get more cool features. (Do note the following feature does require … READ MORE

RIM Blackberry Storm

RIM Blackberry Storm

Since the release of the Apple iPhone numerous companies have been trying to produce a smartphone that can compete with the iPhone and up until now the closest company to Apple has been RIM. With the release of not one but two smart phones in the last … READ MORE

MIKE CRACKBERRY available for purchase…

A custom one-of crackle vinyl stickered BLACKBERRY aka CRACKBERRY will be available for purchase on MIKE23.com!! This is a custom by Scott Nelson of MIKE Clothing. Brand new Blackberry 7290 model, with battery only. $300.00usd, shipping not included Available exclusively on MIKE23.com May 6, 2006