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Relax – Light Blade Illuminating Umbrella

Fans of the cult sci-fi film Blade Runner will immediately recognize the inspiration for these futuristic umbrellas. Relax designed these umbrellas to be almost identical to the illuminating items used on the set of the classic ’80s film. It comes with an all-black shade and a straight … READ MORE


1A4 STUDIO “Speedrun: Blade Runner in 60 seconds” Animation | Video

If you are in the mood to watch classic films but are strapped for time, then this super-condensed animation series, Speedrun, could be the solution. An animation company by the name of 1A4 STUDIO simplified and animated classic films such as Back To The Future, Star Wars, … READ MORE


Blade Runner 2 – New Film By Director Ridley Scott | Rumor

They are some of the most memorable scenes in the world of Science Fiction films, partly because they prescribed a future quite probable – a Los Angeles in perpetual state of purgatory, close to be dystopia yet filled with prospective wonderments and amenities. That particular L.A. was … READ MORE