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BMW DesignworksUSA - Solar Carport for i8 01

BMW DesignworksUSA – BMW i Solar Carport

Electric cars and hybrid cars are useless without ample charging points to charge the vehicles in an efficient manner. BMW DesignworksUSA revealed this BMW i Solar Carport concept, providing a total solution for maximizing renewable energy. Not only will this system enable i3 and i8 owners to … READ MORE


BMW DesignworksUSA x Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse | Available Now

While laptops get smaller and lighter, screens get clearer and thinner, and processors speeds get insanely faster, it seems as if the world has forgotten about the mouse. Essentially the point where the connection between man and machine is made, BMW DesignworksUSA and their partners at Themaltake … READ MORE


BMW DesignworksUSA x Thermaltake – Level 10 M Mouse

The humble mouse is often overlooked when discussing computer accessories. BMW DesignworksUSA is set to change the perception of how the mouse is viewed in general. Thermaltake is partnering up with the high profile design studio and developed a mouse as part of their Level 10 series. … READ MORE


BMW DesignworksUSA x Sennheiser – S1 Digital Aviation Headphone For Pilots

“Ladies & Gentlemen, This is your Captain speaking…” that familiar enchantment since the first days of aeronautical commute is about to undergo a sonic improvement thanks to BMW DesignworksUSA and Sennheiser. Introducing the S1 Digital, the first aviation headset for pilot of its kind. Exhibiting its engineering … READ MORE