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BMW R75/7 by Clutch Custom Motorcycles

Whether you decide to go with clean, fresh, simple, or just out-right sick, you really can’t go wrong with this latest creation from Clutch Custom Motorcycles. While other customs can easily go way over the top when it comes to mods, tweaks, and one-off personalizations, this has … READ MORE


The Electric BMW i3

The race for the hottest electric car on the streets heats up (in a good way, not a Boeing way) with BMW‘s introduction of their first series production electric car, the i3. Set to hit showrooms next year and with a $42,275 sticker price, the i3 is … READ MORE


BMW M3: Evolution Over the Years | Video

The fact that the last BMW M3 Coupe rolled off of the production line last week has tapped a bit of a nostalgic cord among car fans and, well, anyone with a pulse. For the last thirty years, the luxury-sports car has become been the goal of … READ MORE


BMW Concept Active Tourer – Officially Unveiled

This time, instead of trying to take over a specific segment of the auto market, BMW is seeking to create a whole new one. Using their latest concept, the BMW Active Tourer, the brand creates a new kind of cross-over that appeals to drivers in the premium … READ MORE


BMW M5 Nighthawk Revealed

BMW has taken the wraps off the ultra-limited M5 Nighthawk, limited to just ten units and available exclusively for the Japanese market. Done up in a matte paint job called Individual Frozen Black, the high-performance sedan rides on wheels in a similar dark shade, which also extends … READ MORE


BMW – The Final M3 Coupe

Say it isn’t so, BMW, say it isn’t so. Unfortunately for Bimmer lovers the world ’round, you’re looking at the last M3 Couple to weave its way through the automaker’s assembly line. Looking rather proud considering the occasion in a bright orange colorway, this final edition of the … READ MORE


2013 BMW Mountainbike All Mountain

BMW‘s two-wheeled pedal-powered lineup is fortified with the addition of this new BMW Mountain Bike All Mountain. The Bavarian automaker opted to go with a powder-coated aluminum frame for the rugged build, incorporating hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano XT derailleur controlling 30 speeds, and a full sports suspension … READ MORE


BMW celebrates the 8-Series – “The Great 8″ | Video

German engineering is one of the best in the world, and BMW is a testament to this undeniable fact. Back in the late ’80s, BMW produced the stunning 8-series, its flagship sports car at the time, showing the world that they were at the forefront of automotive … READ MORE


1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod Powered by BMW V8 Engine | Video

An avid BMW enthusiast, Mike Burroughs, turned heads in the import car scene with his rat rod inspired chop-top BMW E9. Completely rusted body and slammed stance gave it a menacing aesthetic, and let’s not forget the shark face decal on the side of the car. Burroughs … READ MORE


2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe

Taking the place of the BMW 3 Series coupe, the newly unveiled BMW 2014 4 Series coupe is bigger and lighter than its predecessor. The vehicle is one inch longer, 1.7 inches wider and 0.6 inches lower than the outgoing model, riding on a 2-inch longer wheelbase … READ MORE


2014 BMW X5

BMW has unveiled the 2014 BMW X5, revealing a silhouette that hasn’t changed much since the last model year. Key modifications include large dual kidney grilles that touch the optional LED adaptive headlights, plus rear “aero blades” and new drag-reducing “air curtain” apertures that direct air around … READ MORE