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BMW Zagato Coupe

Shrouded in mystery, this Z4 Zagato Coupe has yet to be categorized by BMW as a concept or a production model. However, one thing is clear: this sports coupe is fully road-legal and able to be driven if necessary. BMW will premiere this vehicle at the Concorso … READ MORE

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BMW 1M Coupe GTS-V | By Vorsteiner

BMW‘s 1-Series M Coupe is enjoying a lot of attention with the German automaker already reaching their cap for pre-orders. But that doesn’t mean those lucky enough to get their hands on one won’t want to do a bit of tuning of their own to make their … READ MORE


BMW F 800 R Predator Custom | By VILNER

Lavishly appointed in carbon fiber and chrome, tuners at Bulgaria-base VILNER took up the challenges set by one wealthy Russian oligarch and transformed the BMW F 800 R into the VILNER Predator. The requests were plenty and came at fast and furious pace from the client, who … READ MORE


BMW – 2012 Bicycle Collection

BMW has launched their 2012 range of bicycles, consisting of a mountain bike, road bike, touring bike, and kids bike. Included in the collection is the Enduro mountain bike, which we reported earlier, with improved parts and a new green color scheme. Three new versions of the … READ MORE


BMW 3 Series – “Three of a Kind” | Video

One normally doesn’t associate comedy with the Bavarian Motor Works brand, but a short film entitled “Three of a Kind” aims to inject some laughter while showcasing the BMW 3 Series, originally launched in 1975. The story revolves around a classic love triangle, with free-spirited Derek and … READ MORE


BMW i8 Concept Spyder – Foldable Kick Scooters

Because we all have to deal with traffic and road congestion in the near future, no matter the advancements in automotive technologies, designers at BMW have devised a simple solution to the problem – scooters. Tucked away in the trunk of its most recent BMW i8 Concept … READ MORE


BMW i8 Concept Spyder

BMW i, the sub-brand of the BMW Group dedicated to designing and manufacturing cars with an eye toward the future, introduces the i8 Concept Spyder. The third vehicle in the BMW i range, the i8 Concept Spyder is a two-seat plug-in hybrid roadster boasting sports car performance, … READ MORE

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BMW Enduro Mountain Bike 2012

When your boys come to you wanting to hit the trails, you can either dig out your old ride – you know, the one with the rusty chain, busted shocks, paint-chipped fork, and crooked wheels – or invest in the brand new BMW Enduro 2012. This bike … READ MORE


BMW – i-FD Concept | By Feliciano Ruy-Díaz

Until BMW officially launches a four-door model as part of its newly launched eco-friendly i-sub brand, we have this BMW i-FD concept, created by industrial designer Feliciano Ruy-Diaz of Valencia, Spain, to tide us over. Feliciano’s inspiration for the design his i-FD comes from the work of … READ MORE

Audi to Buy Ducati | Rumor

As recent as last month, it was almost for certain, partly thanks to their recent collaboration and persisting rumors, that Mercedes-Benz‘s performance branch, Mercedes AMG, will be buying superbike maker DUCATI. But that might not be the case anymore as speculation of a second suitor, Volkswagen Group‘s … READ MORE

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BMW Concept M135i

In the car business, rumors fly fast. But all the buzz around BWM adding a turbocharged, gas-powered 1-series hatchback to their M Performance brand line-up at the Geneva Motor Show was right on. Arriving under the label of Concept M135i, this car features a turbocharged gas-fed 3.0 … READ MORE