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BNE Water Foundation - Organic Cotton Camp Caps 00

BNE Water Foundation – Organic Cotton Camp Caps

BNE Water Foundation found themselves in hot water over a supposed collaboration project with Banksy that did not come to fruition. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity; the organization seemingly got its name out in cyber space. Regrouping from the messy … READ MORE

Banksy x BNE Water Foundation - Collaboration Project 01

Banksy x BNE Water Foundation – Collaboration Project

As far as street artists and graffiti writers are concerned, these two names are definitely high up on the list in terms of notoriety and sheer volume of high impact works. Although, both Banksy and BNE keeps their identities low key, their works are very prominent around … READ MORE

BNE Water x Shepard Fairey x Invader x Faile - Artists 4 Water Collection 01

BNE Water x Shepard Fairey x INVADER x FAILE – Artists 4 Water Collection

More and more companies are starting to integrate social responsibility into their corporate culture. Even though BNE Water is a relative newcomer, their efforts are certainly helping people in need. BNE Water is teaming up with Shepard Fairey once again, alongside INVADER and FAILE, for a run … READ MORE

BNE Shepard Fairey Screen Print Poster 00

BNE x Shepard Fairey – Screen Print Poster

Just over 10 days ago, BNE and Shepard Fairey announced their collaboration screen print project to the world, selling out in a very short span of time. All of the proceeds from the sale were put directly into BNE’s charity project, which helps to raise funds to … READ MORE


BNE Organics – Organic Lip Balm

BNE started the BNE Water Foundation as his own non-profit organization, yet as it stands, the artist is changing his tactics to increase the productivity of his movement. Previously, BNE relied heavily on merchandises that adorned his highly recognizable graphics and artworks donated by fellow graffiti writers/street … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation – Fall 2012 T-Shirts Collection | Delivery 2

They say all good things must come to an end, and such is the case with the BNE Water Foundation t-shirts. BNE has indicated that after this round of t-shirts, they will not be designing any more to support their charity movement. Two new styles are currently … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation – Fukushima Relief Collection

It is very easy to judge a catastrophe visually, and it is obvious that Tohoku region of Japan are far from recovered from the earthquake and tsunami. However, one of the most silent epidemics threatening Japan is the nuclear radiation. Unfortunately, radiation cannot be seen, felt, smelt … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation x Godzilla x Doraemon x Astro Boy – Fukushima Relief Project | Preview

Aside from the cliché reference to Japanese pop culture, these designs, conceptualized by the notorious graffiti artist, BNE, hide a deeper meaning. Both Astro Boy and Godzilla are fictional stories that have a very strong message against nuclear power. Most may know that Godzilla was born out … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation – Summer 2012 T-Shirt Collection

Graffiti-writer-turned-charitable-organization BNE Water Foundation has dropped a couple of new t-shirt designs, alongside old favorites, for the summer 2012 season. Newcomers include the Kate Moss t-shirt, bootlegging a certain famous graphic with a BNE sticker over the logo t-shirt, and the Pipo Kun design, which defaces the … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation – KAWS 4-Foot Dissected Black Companion Giveaway

In a bid to raise awareness and help the people of Uganda get clean water, BNE Water Foundation is launching a new campaign to attract donations. Their latest offering, amongst various donations from international artists on their gallery, is the 4-Foot Dissected Black Companion figure designed by … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation – Japanese Website Launch

Once regarded as a menace to society, hardcore graffiti writer BNE literally covered the world with his tags and stickers. Though all of that is in the past now, as he founded the charity program, BNE Water Foundation, to help bring clean water to Uganda. Now the … READ MORE