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BNE Water Foundation – Japanese Website Launch

Once regarded as a menace to society, hardcore graffiti writer BNE literally covered the world with his tags and stickers. Though all of that is in the past now, as he founded the charity program, BNE Water Foundation, to help bring clean water to Uganda. Now the … READ MORE


BNE – BNE Water Foundation in Uganda | Video

Some of you may be unaware of the BNE Water Foundation, set up by the once-infamous graffiti writer, BNE. The non-profit organization aims to help provide clean water to those without access to it. To illustrate how the organization works and who is benefiting from the donations, … READ MORE


COPE2 For BNE Water Foundation

BNE Water Foundation is turning to their friends in the art world to contribute to their charity program. One of the latest addition to their gallery is legendary graffiti artist COPE2, who have donated his print titled Most Wanted. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of … READ MORE


BNE – Signed Skateboard Deck Giveaway

BNE was once menacing the streets of major cities with his throw-ups and stickers. Although in recent times, he has set up the BNE Water Foundation, where he aims to use his brand to help the needy. BNE has set his focus to providing clean water to … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation: Call To Action

Graffiti artist BNE has traveled the world for over 15 years, leaving his distinctive mark wherever he goes. The BNE name has been scrawled with markers, rollers and spray cans, as well as mass posted via black-on-white stickers. In 2006, those stickers had become so ubiquitous on … READ MORE