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Thrasher Pretty Sweet Tour Video

Thrasher – “Pretty Sweet Tour” | Video

http://girlskateboards.com/”>Girl Skateboards and http://chocolateskateboards.com/”>Chocolate Skateboards went on a one-month skateboarding spree, a.k.a. the http://prettysweetvideo.com/”>Pretty Sweet US Tour 2013, hitting up major cities from California to Arizona. To capture the dope skateboarding, shenanigans and mayhem, http://thrashermagazine.com/”>Thrasher sent a filming crew to follow the riders everywhere they went. The … READ MORE


Lakai – Brandon Biebel “Just Kicking It” | Video

Who among us hasn’t wanted to fling our putter into the water after muffing a can’t-miss putt, or snap a Louisville Slugger over our knee, Bo Jackson style, after popping out to the shortstop? In a new ad from http://lakai.com/” target=”_blank”>Lakai promoting the Brandon Biebel 3 shoe, … READ MORE