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Breva Génie 03 Watch with Pop-up Speedometer

If for some reason you don’t trust the speedometer on your dash, Breva is out with the Genie 03 wristwatch, which claims the title as the first watch with a pop-up mechanical speedometer. In a time of digital dashboards and smartphone apps, there’s something refreshing about having … READ MORE


Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch

Breva has been known to create some pretty sophisticated and functional watches that never fail to also have an impeccable presentation. Case in point: their Weather Forecasting Watch, which puts the power of any smartphone app and Weather Channel weatherman named Stormy Mountain strapped to your wrist … READ MORE


Breva Génie 01 – Weather Forecasting Watch

Even if the weather may not be cooperating, Breva‘s Génie 01 Weather Forecasting Watch will leave you with a sunny disposition. In the time it takes you to unlock your phone, fire up your favorite weather app, and have it refresh, you can take a quick glance at … READ MORE