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OriginalFake – Spring/Summer 2011 – Outerwear

The Xs mark the spot. 2010 has been a whirlwind year for KAWS, from book tour to his first major solo exhibition, and now the premiere of the OriginalFake‘s spring/summer collection for 2011, there is simply no time to rest for the artist. If last year was … READ MORE


KAWS COMPANION – “Passing Through” Hong Kong To Connecticut | Installation Video

As the season’s first snowflakes drifted into view, men in bulky winter clothes carefully displaced the precious cargo from their flatbed. The cargo was not only a 16-foot tall giant, but a guest of honor from Hong Kong.  The short film by creative collective Paper Fortress Films, … READ MORE


Lodown x KAWS – Artwork

Lodown Magazine Issue 50 features KAWS artwork for their anniversary issue. The artwork was inspired by the most popular cartoons/shows on television. I just love The Simpsons one, they all look stoned haha! > KAWS > Lodown