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VISIONAIRE 21: Deck Of Cards/The Diamond Issue | Embedded With Real Diamonds

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of http://debeers.com” target=”_blank”>De Beers’ A Diamond Is Forever slogan, fashion publishing house http://visionaireworld.com” target=”_blank”>VISIONAIRE envisioned something quite audacious. Devised as an oversized deck of cards (in reference to the Blackjack number 21), VISIONAIRE asked art director http://baron-baron.com” target=”_blank”>Fabien Baron, photographer http://mariotestino.com” … READ MORE


Bruce Weber – New Website

From the heydays of supermodels to the provocative marketing campaigns of latter days, few fashion photographers are as memorable as http://bruceweber.com” target=”_blank”>Bruce Weber. While often controversial, especially those sexually driven advertising campaign for http://abercrombie.com” target=”_blank”>Abercrombie & Fitch and other, Weber unintentional taught us the blurred line between … READ MORE