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Burton – “TRON: Legacy” Raptor Boot | Available Now

These may not be the Light Cycle, but they will sure help u shred through the mountains just as speedily, in the spirit of Sam. In celebration of the new snowboarding season and also the release of the highly anticipated TRON: Legacy (set to hit theaters on … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 11/01/2010 – 11/05/2010

One of the bigger happenings this week is slightly less frivolous on the stateside, as we had just completed the midterm elections, and to some’s dismay and some’s joy, the US House is now largely dominated by the Republicans, with the Republicans controlling 239 seats, and the … READ MORE


Burton x adidas Originals – Quilted Button Down

New York City has officially skipped through fall and entered winter, as we are set to hit a 41°F low today, and going even lower to near freezing-point, 33°F, on Saturday. This can only mean one thing, that snowboarding season is about to start up again, and … READ MORE

Hooded Soft Shell Jacket 7

Burton iDiom – Hooded Softshell Jacket

Burton‘s iDiom line has dropped a light 2-layer soft shell parka, the Hooded Softshell Jacket. It is constructed to be a real contender to mother nature on the slopes. However, it is designed well enough to be able to be worn on the streets without looking out … READ MORE

3L Jacket

Burton iDiom – 3L Jacket

It is clear that the Burton iDiom collection is not playing around when it comes to high performance jackets. The latest 3L jacket is made from nylon material that has been treated with three layers of laminate for extreme waterproofing, wind proofing, and it also helps to retain … READ MORE


Burton – Fall/Winter 2010 – Combo Under Glove

Whether your imaginative self wants to be Mickey Mouse, an astronaut for NASA or a slithering Cobra, you can now let your dreams take flight in the winter wonderland. Not to be confused with a full body costume, Burton has created gloves in three combo variations in which you … READ MORE


adidas Originals x Burton – Footwear Collection

Inspired by power and the mountains that house them, but built for the streets, adidas Originals and Burton had come together to fill in a niche, but important void in any snowboarder’s life. And the void in question, is what should a boarder do and wear after … READ MORE


adidas Originals x Burton – Apparel Collection

Even though surfers don’t wear t-shirts to surf, and they don’t wear wetsuits on the streets, surf style has been quite perfectly adapted for the streets for decades. However, the transitional phase between tearing through the slopes in highly technical, avalanche-ready jackets and padded pants and hanging … READ MORE

Transistor Backpack

Burton – Transistor Backpack

Burton is known for their technical products with great design flares. And the latest Transistor backpack is designed for both the great outdoors and urban usage. The purple tones on the exterior gives a somewhat of a vintage backpack feel yet the technical specifications bring it right … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 09/20/2010 – 09/24/2010

Just as the folks in New York City are recovering from the recently wrapped New York Fashion Week, the Alexander Wang bootie-clad army of editors and buyers fled the city and moved their actions and sharp opinions to Milan and London. Meanwhile, heels and bowties aside, the … READ MORE


Starks x Burton – Winter 2011 – Hail Boot | Available Now

Lace up for the slopes this season with Burton and Starks, who have collaborated to bring all shredders a electric orange Hail Boot. The Hail Boot is determined to bring the storm to your urban rail trails and backwood adventures, and features a brand new Stay-Puft padded … READ MORE