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WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie – O’Hare Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote

In order to match the various colors of spring, Asante Kente was the first thing twins Bryon and Messrs Dexter thought of. A fabric traditionally made by the Akan people of eastern Africa, it had a scared property at one point in time and worn only by … READ MORE


Nick Wooster x WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie – Heathrow Commuter Bag – Green MultiCam

Just before he presented Project Wooster for http://project.magiconline.com/” target=”_blank”>PROJECT trade show earlier this year, http://nickwooster.com” target=”_blank”>Nick Wooster, the iconoclast of contemporary men’s fashion, asked twins Byron Peart and Messrs Dexter Peart to re-envision the use of camouflage in accessories today, a request where the brothers felt should … READ MORE


WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie – Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

The essentials of a traveling lifestyle need not be just about http://tsa.gov” target=”_blank”>TSA-approved plastic luggage set or shape-less nylon duffel bags. Rather, they can be the narrative of design and a lively statement of style, like those within Fall and Winter 2012 Collection from http://wantessentials.com/” target=”_blank”>WANT Les … READ MORE