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c.e – Pop-up Shop in Beauty & Youth | Tokyo

From today until early September, Beauty & Youth stores in Harajuku and Shibuya will be hosting a pop-up shop for c.e, a cult label designed by SK8THING. The latest Fall/Winter 2012 collection will be on display for a limited period, and a special gift will accompany every … READ MORE


NEIGHBORHOOD x c.e – T-Shirt Collection

A long time friend and alumni of the Tokyo street scene, NEIGHBORHOOD and c.e have gotten together for a t-shirt collection. As NEIGHBORHOOD founder and designer, Shinsuke Takizawa explains, this is just an appetizer to whet our taste buds, and there will be a full capsule collection … READ MORE

c.e - cotton twill cobra jacket - 0

c.e – Cotton Twill Cobra Jacket

Led by famed graphic designer SK8THING, c.e presents this fun button-up Cotton Twill Cobra jacket firmly in-line with the styles quickly gaining cult status across Japan and the rest of the world. As the name suggests, this brown varsity jacket features two printed chest designs stitched into … READ MORE


c.e x EYESCREAM – EYESCREAM 8 Year Anniversary T-Shirt

At times, anniversary products can become unwearable after sometime due to its artwork promoting the anniversary too prominently. On the contrary, c.e did a great job in disguising the fact, yet at the same time, it is blatantly obvious when you know what to look for. The … READ MORE


EMPORIO AUTHENTICO by c.e Pop-up Shop | Tokyo

SK8THING is definitely not planning on slowing down with his newly-established label, c.e. His latest move comes in the form of a pop-up-shop-within-a-pop-up-shop, inside the GYPSY THREE ORCHESTRA pop-up shop. The EMPORIO AUTHENTICO by c.e will be open for merely 10 days, and it will be located … READ MORE


c.e x GYPSY THREE ORCHESTRA – Capsule Collection

GYPSY THREE ORCHESTRA is a Tokyo based creative initiative which aims to introduce various fashion brands and creative individuals through their pop-up shop, G3O Store. Their store will be open for a month from March to coincide with the Fashion Week in Tokyo. One of the products … READ MORE


c.e – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Pre-Order

Japanese cult designer SK8THING, along with Toby Feltwell and Hishi, are finally unveiling their upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection from c.e. The neo sci-fi themed premier collection can be seen in full on ZOZOTOWN. Each piece features the signature illustration style of SK8THING, influenced by the novels of … READ MORE


c.e – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Preview

The name SK8THING may conjure up different thoughts, however this enigmatic yet rather mysterious Japanese designer is starting a new brand, c.e with his friends Toby Feltwell and Hishi. These three designers were the key element to the Billionaire Boys Club team and of course SK8THING is … READ MORE