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Canon EOS-1D C

Here to usher the next generation of digital camera photographers into the future, Canon releases their EOS-1D C DSLR camera, which will feature 4k high-resolution video capture capability. This digital powerhouse comes fitted with an 18.1-megapixel full-frame 24mm x 36mm Canon CMOS senor, well-able of recording 8-bit … READ MORE


Canon EOS 60Da

Canon is set to release a specialized version of its popular EOS 60D D-SLR optimized for astrophotographers. The EOS 60Da uses the same 18-megapixel APS-C image sensor found in 60D, a substantial improvement over Canon’s last astrocamera, the 8.2-megapixel EOS 20Da. The Image sensor has been fine-tuned … READ MORE


Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept | By David Reisenberg

Designer David Reisenberg has been waiting for Canon to release its mirrorless camera system, but the anticipation made him feel restless. In his own words, “I decided to put to paper, or rather to CAD and rendering software, my vision of such a camera. After about a … READ MORE


Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Officially Unveiled

With so much information and images of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III already made public, we started to wonder if Canon would ever make an official unveiling. Then, as midnight came around last evening, a tsunami of press releases, announcements, and fact sheets pouted out of … READ MORE


Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Preliminary Technical Specs

While we all hold our breaths collectively for Canon‘s official announcement of its EOS 3D Mark III digital SLR, the Internet been abuzz with first images and technical specifications. Packaged in a streamlined form factor, much like the Canon EOS 7D, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III … READ MORE


Canon EOS 5D Mark III Announcement March 2th, 2012 | Confirmed

Finally!!! All the rumors and speculations are coming to fruition this Friday, March 2nd, as Canon gets set to announce the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Reflecting the importance of this particular launch, Canon organized an event of worldwide proportion with festivities scheduled to take place in … READ MORE


Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Literally In The Wild | Teaser

Perhaps its an elaborate rouse to add more confusion in the mix. Instead of the usual cadre of professional photographers to “preview” its latest products, Canon made an unexpected move over the weekend and had one of its employee test out what looks to be the much … READ MORE

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR – To Launch Soon | Rumor 2

2011 was certainly not an easy year for high-tech companies in Asia. First came the earthquake/tsunami in Northern Japan which destroyed much of the public infrastructure last March. Then flood water inundated much of Thailand, a major manufacturing point in South East Asia, for over a month. … READ MORE


Canon PowerShot G1 X – Introduction | Video

With the press release just a couple of hours old and the Canon PowerShot G1 X is already the most talked about gadget of the day. The verdicts been quite positive thus far, especially on the super-sized CMOS image sensor. At 14.3 Megapixel and a dimension of … READ MORE


Canon PowerShot G1 X | Redefining Compact Digital Camera Performances

With International Consumer Electronics Show yet to start in Las Vegas and already the press channels are flooded with news on upcoming gadgets to have. On the most anticipated category is the new Canon PowerShot G1 X, which leaked onto the Internet a few days ago. Hailed … READ MORE


Canon G1X – New Flagship Compact Digital Camera | Teaser

Because it is their job to know a company inside and out, investment analysts tend to get “heads up” on products yet to be available to the general public. So on the cusp of The International Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, in Las Vegas this … READ MORE