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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Launch Delay | Rumor

In between our stints of “doctoring” this photo and filtering the latest rumors of the much awaited Canon 5D Mark III, there have been reports of its launch postponed till end of this year. The reason behind the delay might not be issues from the development aspect … READ MORE


Olympus XZ-1 Digital Camera | Preview

The introduction of Canon PowerShot S90 Digital Camera in 2009 opened a brand new category in the digital imagery business, the ultra-premium point & shoot. Still easily “pocketable”, though these mini-powerhouses are usually packed the same manual control, tech specification, and image processor as their larger DSLR … READ MORE


Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Specifications | Rumor

Aside from being an excuse at trying our hands in “doctoring photo”, an interesting posting on Japan massive Internet bulletin board, 2-channel, caught our attention recently the rumored technical specifications of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III SLR. Of course, officials at Canon been quite tight lipped … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/18/2010 – 10/23/2010

Three times a year, Apple wows its fans with fresh releases, secure old loyalties, and rope in new converts. This year, following announcements of the iPhone 4 and the new generations of the iPod, Apple goes back to Mac this week and introduced the new OSX Lion, … READ MORE


LEGO DIY Follow Focus Control For Canon EOS 5D Mark II HDSLR

The advent of digital SLR still cameras with the ability to record HD video, like the Canon 5D Mark II, has been a crucial game changer in both the fields of photography and videography. It also became an equalizer of sort, level the playing field between amateur … READ MORE


Canon Cross Media Station – Uploads Images And Charges Batteries All Wirelessly ?

While gadgets already exist for charging batteries wirelessly (i.e. PowerMat) or instantaneously uploading photos from your camera (i.e. Eye-Fi), imaging giant Canon is going beyond the conventional thinking with the Canon Cross Media Station. Though just a demonstration prototype, the mysterious gloss black unit is already generating … READ MORE


RIP CURL Mirage Boardshorts – The Matrix Bullet Time Surf Sequence | Video

For the world’s best boardshorts, surfing supplier RIP CURL wanted a marketing campaign that was also in par, or in RIP CURL Creative Director James Taylor’s words “…really blow people’s minds…” Indeed, the results produced by 52 Canon DSLR cameras were truly mind blowing. Participated by team … READ MORE


Canon EOS 5D Mark II + 102 Years Old Wollensak 35mm Lens = Amazing!

Going digital might simplified the process method and satisfied those in need of instant gratification. However, there will always be a need for analog technology in order to obtain that “antiquated format”. Something the best of Photoshop technician would have difficulty to replicate. This was the case … READ MORE


Incase – Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag

Ahead of Ari Marcopoulos‘ solo exhibition at Project Space in Los Angeles, accessories label Incase created a camera bag edition for the renowned artist/photographer. Designed specifically with Marchopoulos’ work flow in mind, the bag’s layout streamlined storage and provides ease of access to equipment when the moment … READ MORE


Canon Introduces PowerShot G12 Digital Camera

Though the form factor is a familiar one, and rightfully so since its one of the most popular digital camera among the so-called “prosumer” sector, but the just announced PowerShot G12 Digital Camera from Canon is another evolutionary step within the G-Series. While the innards are identical … READ MORE


Canon Introduces New EOS Lens System

If you done enough red carpet photo shoot like some of us have here at Freshness. It is most likely you came across blatant complaints about Canon by many of the seasoned professionals. Here on the sideline, or the frontline depending on your perspective, capturing the moment … READ MORE