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Canon Introduces EOS 60D DSLR Camera

When Canon debut the EOS 7D camera last year, many mistakenly thought of it as the replacement (and more pricey substitute) to the Canon EOS 50D. This morning’s announcement by Canon proved otherwise. Ahead of the all-important Canon Expo, an once in five years event to take … READ MORE


Jackie Chan x Canon EOS “Eye Of Dragon” 550D DSLR

This may come as a surprising collaboration for those on the stateside, since the action star Jackie Chan they know of is perhaps more used being in front of the camera, getting his fly kicks documented. However, as Jackie Chan is the spokesperson for Canon in China, … READ MORE


Lomography – Diana F+ SLR Adaptor | Canon + Nikon SLR Camera

No need to juggle around multiple cameras during photo outings, Lomography just announced the introduction of   Diana F+ SLR Adaptor.   Now everyone with either a Canon or a Nikon SLR could enjoy the wide range of Lomography Diana Lens.   Have the flexibility to experiment … READ MORE

Canon PowerShot G11 - Sample Photo 3 Close Up

Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera

Digital imaging pioneer Canon announced yesterday 6 new camera offerings to its PowerShot (sometimes known as IXUS) collection, including a successor to the current flagship PowerShot G10 – the PowerShot G11. Designed with consumers who desired more options to try their creativity, the Canon PowerShot G-Series been … READ MORE