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Triumvir x Capcom – Super Street Fighter Collection

For the past few seasons, SoCal label, Triumvir, has not only be reworking the concept of the Roman triumvirate into their label, which has undergone a stylistic revamp, but it has also been working with Capcom to render one of Capcom’s most popular games, Street Fighter, into … READ MORE


Capcom – Super Street Fighter IV Artist Campaign

Gaming giant Capcom Entertainment have delivered many great games that kept our attention for years. The Street Fighter series is one of their long running series of games in which the latest Super Street Fighter IV will hit the shelves later this month on April 27th. To … READ MORE

HEROISM x CAPCOM - Street Fighter IV T-Shirts

HEROISM x CAPCOM – Street Fighter IV T-Shirts

Working in conjunction with CAPCOM, apparel label HEROISM designed a limited collection of t-shirts based on the newly launched game, Street Fighter IV.  By far, the best selling title of year, with an average of 100,000+ copies sold each day when the game debut in Japan last … READ MORE

Dave White Exclusive Street Fighter IV Tournament Stick

Dave White x Street Fighter IV Tournament Stick

With the hottest game of the year about to launch, alongside the much sought after limited edition Mad Catz Street Fighter IV tournament stick. Dave White has produced an exclusive Ryu drawing which will be made by Capcom Europe into a 1 off exclusive limited edition Tournament … READ MORE

Triumvir x Street Fighter - The Shadaloo Collection

Triumvir x Street Fighter – The Shadaloo Collection

The Triumvir x Street Fighter has been rumored for quite some time now, inciting a lot of anticipation for this collaboration.  We finally have confirmation for both the final products as well has when and where they will be available.  Just to recap, the Triumvir x Street … READ MORE

Triumvir x Capcom Streetfighter

Triumvir x Capcom Streetfighter

One of the video game’s that defined the 1990’s era was Street Fighter, for those of us who remember finding 7-11’s and arcades to play this game before XBOX 360’s and PS3’s existed, we remember how iconic this game was during our childhood. Brandon from Triumvir definitely … READ MORE