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Shelby American 427 Cobra – 50th Anniversary

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Shelby American is dropping a special edition 427 Cobra. Offered in either aluminum or fiberglass bodies, this celebratory model will be limited to only 50 units, offered with special gold 50th anniversary badging, logos, and other unique features. Aluminum models of this compact … READ MORE


50th Anniversary FIA Shelby Cobra 289

Although tempted to not write anything at all in order to not spoil the moment, we can’t leave you hanging like that. The Shelby 289 Cobra is and always will be the sportsman’s ultimate performance benchmark. Even after 50 years since its first debut in 1964, the … READ MORE


2013 Shelby 1000 – Most Powerful Ford Mustang To Date

If you thought 1,000 horses pounding their way through to the wheels of last year’s Shelby Mustang 1000 was ridiculous, well prepare to drop your jaw for 200 more with this 2013 version. Because 1,000-hp was so last year and Shelby American has never shied away from going big (see: 2013 Shelby … READ MORE


2013 Shelby Raptor – 575 Horsepower Off-Road Behemoth

After hanging up his flight jacket following his tour as a WW2 fighter pilot, Carroll Shelby found his next adrenaline fix behind the wheel where he quickly showed a knack for racing. As his racing career began to pick up steam, Shelby began to pursue his next passion with equal … READ MORE


100 Most Powerful Cars of All Time – 2012 Edition

Edmunds, in compiling its list of the top 100 Most Powerful Cars of All Time, asserts that today “is the golden age of automotive power.” Unsurprisingly, the majority of cars listed below are less than ten years old, with the weakest of the lot made with 544 … READ MORE


2012 Shelby 1000 – The Most Powerful Shelby Mustang Yet

Shelby is set to introduce the most powerful Shelby yet at the New York International Auto Show on April 5th. The 2012 Shelby 1000 takes its name from its horsepower figure, which is approximately a mind-boggling 950 horsepower on the street trim and 1,100 horsepower for the … READ MORE


Shelby – Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

Shelby is celebrating their 50 years in modding up the American muscle cars and what better way to celebrate this occasion by releasing several special edition Mustangs. The limited edition vehicles, GT500 Super Snake, GT350 and GTS, were unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show sporting gold stripes … READ MORE


2013 Ford Shelby GT500

Living up to the revered name of Carroll Shelby, the new Ford Shelby GT500 for model year 2013 roared out of the Ford press outlet this morning. Powered by a new 5.8-liter V8 and a giant supercharger, the Ford Shelby GT500 embodies the storied era of the … READ MORE


Ford Shelby – 2011 GT500 Super Snake

The epitome of American muscle is possibly the new 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake which packs 800 horse power under the hood. Thanks to the Shelby/Ford Racing supercharger, Borla exhaust system and other performance modifications, this vehicle can be a collector’s dream. Only 1000 vehicles will … READ MORE


Shelby – 2011 GT350 Mustang

Shelby American will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the original 1965 Shelby GT350 by showcasing the 2010 GT350 Mustang. This concept version of the new GT350 breathes through a super charger into the brand new 5 liter V8 engine that takes upgrades from Ford Racing, Borla, … READ MORE


Ford – Mustang Shelby GT500

One can not speak of American muscle cars without mentioning the classic Ford Mustang and much like the vintage sneakers in our scene, the car industries have been bringing back their much loved classic models in a revamped and improved form. Shelby has always been one to … READ MORE