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Grotesk x Case Studyo – “Boston” 6ft 6in Lamp

Kimou Meyer, the Brooklyn-based artist better known as http://grotesknyc.com/” target=”_blank”>Grotesk, has partnered with Belgium’s http://casestudyo.com/” target=”_blank”>Case Studyo on the final edition of their “6ft 6in” lamps. The series pays tribute to the classic NBA rivalries that ruled the ’90s, and this latest model is inspired by the signature green of … READ MORE


Parra x Case Studyo “Cold” Sculpture

Exclusive to http://casestudyo.com/” target=”_blank”>Case Studyo, “Cold” is the new sculpture from acclaimed Dutch artist Parra. The porcelain figure is devoid of color and measures 23cm by 16cm, featuring http://byparra.com/” target=”_blank”>Parra’s signature hybrid figure — in this case, a woman woman surreally fitted with a bird’s beak — hugging … READ MORE


Grotesk X Case Studyo “Snow Beach” Figurine

Among Lo heads, the Polo Snow Beach anorak from the early ’90s has achieved near mythical status, immortalized by rapper Raekwon and coveted by vintage Ralph Lauren connoisseurs the world over. Graphic designer Kimou Meyer, aka http://grotesknyc.com/” target=”_blank”>Grotesk, pays tribute to the sartorial subculture with this Snow Beach figurine, … READ MORE


Grotesk X Case Studyo – “6FT-6IN BLACK/ROYAL BLUE”

Back in January of this year, we profiled an interesting project from Swiss born artist http://grotesknyc.com/” target=”_blank”>Grotesk and the Belgian creative arts agency http://casestudyo.com/” target=”_blank”>Case Studyo — the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/29/grotesk-x-case-studyo-6ft-6in/” target=”_blank”>”6FT-6IN” sculptural lamp, featuring a stylized pair of Air Jordan 1s in a classic Chicago Bulls-inspired colorway sprouting … READ MORE


Parra x Case Studyo – “Vaso Di Culo” Porcelain Vase

Humorously translated from Italian as “Jar Of Ass”, the “Vaso Di Culo” Porcelain Vase by Dutch artist http://byparra.com/” target=”_blank”>Parra and http://casestudyo.com” target=”_blank”>Case Studyo mimics the curvaceous form of a female derriere. Coated in subtle cream-colored finish and accentuated with Parra’s abstract black birds print, only 200 sets … READ MORE


Parra x Case Studyo – “Lay Down…Lay it all down” Porcelain Sculpture

http://casestudyo.com/” target=”_blank”>Case Studyo has joined forces with http://byparra.com/” target=”_blank”>Parra to introduce a new porcelain sculpture entitled “Lay Down … Lay It All Down.” Drawing its name from the ’60s song by American singer Melanie, the piece features the curvilinear form of the sort of surreal hybrid creatures … READ MORE


Grotesk X Case Studyo – “6FT-6IN”

  Clearly a hip-hop version of the iconic leg lamp from A Christmas Story – and equally awe-inspiring – is this sculptural lamp from Brooklyn’s own Grotesk and art publisher http://casestudyo.com” target=”_blank”>Case Studyo. Although its titled “http://casestudyo.com/2013/01/grotesk/” target=”_blank”>6FT-6in,” this hand-painted wood lamp with string bean legs and blocky Nike … READ MORE