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Sony Walkman ZX2 Hi-Res Digital Music Player

The words “Sony Walkman” will mean completely different things to each one of you depending on what generation you’re from. To some, it’ll be a chunky grey cassette player while to others, it’s a funky looking little MP3 player. Though it may no longer be the household … READ MORE


Sennheiser Debuts Wireless & Noise-Canceling Headphones

German audio company Sennheiser has debuted their second generation of headphones that feature a noise-canceling function and Bluetooth connectivity. They first released the Momentum model back in 2012 and followed up with the on-ear ones shortly after. But times have changed and to stay relevant they decided … READ MORE


Monster Teams Up With Lamborghini For H-Fi Audio System on Veneno RDS Roadster

With its sight set on the jetset lifestyle of today’s rich and famous, Monster announced it will be the official Hi-Fi supplier for the new Lamborghini Veneno RDS roadster. Together with company spokesperson Swizz Beatz and CEO Noel Lee, the audio accessories manufacturer unveiled the first Lamborghini … READ MORE


Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG with QNX Car 2.0 Infotainment System

While the black vinyl wrap made the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG stand out at its perch in the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES, what really set the vehicle apart was found on the inside of the cabin. Specifically, it was the touchscreen that spanned the instrument panel, which contained the QNX … READ MORE


JBL S400BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The latest addition to the premium JBL Synchros line of headphones is the JBL S400BT, which offers the ability to listen wirelessly via Bluetooth or connected with the included audio cable. A collapsible steel headband delivers enhanced durability and style, while plush earcushions are good for added comfort. Audiophiles … READ MORE


FLIR ONE – Personal Infrared Thermal Imaging Device for Apple iPhone 5/5S

At this week’s CES in Las Vegas, FLIR debuted a $350 case that turns the Apple iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal imaging camera. The FLIR ONE enables users to detect heat signatures from either people or animals up to 100 meters away, and what’s seen on the screen … READ MORE


Sony Alpha A5000 – Entry-Level Mirrorless Digital Camera

At this year’s CES, Sony has announced their new A5000 mirrorless camera, which, despite its size, is more than enough to fill the hole left behind with the elimination of their NEX brand. For years, Sony has got better and better in making their camera’s compact, but … READ MORE


PEBBLE Steel – Premium Smartwatch

Meet PEBBLE Steel, the new smartwatch that everyone is talking about at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It wasn’t all that long ago, in May 2012, when the start-up’s prototype broke the record of $10 million and became the most funded KICKSTARTER project … READ MORE


Diego Bergia – “Lower East Side: CES x REVOK” Arcade Project | Video

Diego Bergia, aka LEPOS, may no longer be active on the graffiti writing scene, but he still has love for the art form. Lately, that admiration has translated into the creation of videos inspired by 32-bit arcade games from the ’90s, each starring legends from the graffiti … READ MORE


Marshall Headphones The Monitor

A stack of Marshall speaker cabinets and amplifiers have become an iconic image at concerts and shows at every level, working tirelessly for musicians since the early 1960’s, including the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and AC/DC. Such a devotion to musicians and their art has … READ MORE


Teenage Engineering OD-11 – World’s First Cloud Speaker

When the late audio engineer Stig Carlsson introduced his OD-11 speaker back in 1974, audiophiles around the world took notice. The smallest among all of Carlsson’s creations, the OD-11 only has one woofer and one tweeter. Yet the quality of its design was such, it was able … READ MORE