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Supra Skytop IV – Laser-Etched Ponyhair Suede

In a M.C. Escher-like display of geometric shapes and optical illusion, this new Skytop IV from Supra also features the supple SUPRAFOAM midsole for support and cushioning. The most distinctive element, however, is the three-dimensional diamond/chevron patterns, all laser-etched onto to layers of lush ponyhair suede and … READ MORE


Supra Skytop II “Snakeskin”

A redux of the original signature for skater/artist Chad Muska, the Supra Skytop II includes a premium leather upper, sock liner made of polyurethane “memory foam,” a Neoprene inner sleeve, company’s proprietary SUPRAFOAM midsole and vulcanized outsole for better board traction. Recently, the brand just “upped” the … READ MORE

Supra Skytop IV Celestial 01

Supra Skytop IV – “Celestial”

As skateboarders’ circle of influence extends from outside skateboarding community, a wider audience who many not necessarily skateboard appreciates their products as well. Supra and Chad Muska has always pushed the envelope of skateboarding footwear, and this Skytop IV is a great example of their evolution. This … READ MORE

Long Live Southbank - Chad Muska Interview Video

Long Live Southbank – “Chad Muska Interview” | Video

Long Live Southbank is at a crossroad with their volunteer effort to preserve the most well known skateboard spot in UK. They have been fighting and petitioning against the Southbank Center owners to stop demolition of the unofficial skate park. The legendary Chad Muska is the latest … READ MORE


SUPRA Skytop IV Origins | Video

SUPRA gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of the SUPRA Skytop IV, unveiling a video feature showcasing interviews with Chad Muska and head footwear designer Josh Brubaker. Both are quick to point out that the Supra Skytop IV blends a number of different … READ MORE


SUPRA Skytop IV – Officially Unveiled

The Skytop has become the signature model from the Cali-based skate and lifestyle shop SUPRA, driving them to amazing heights so its fitting for them to build on its success with a fourth installment: the Skytop IV. Built to take the demands placed on them by skateboarders … READ MORE


Supra Skytop IV

There is no denying that Chad Muska became more avant garde as his style and personality progressed in life. His pro sneaker from Supra, Skytop, is reflective of his journey as well. This fourth installment is a mixture of styles from the past, the present, and the … READ MORE


Supra Skytop II “Remix” by Steve Aoki & Chad Muska

Steve Aoki and Chad Muska clearly took inspiration from Vans in formulating the design elements for this upcoming Supra Skytop II “Remix,” but the duo leave their own unique imprint on Muska’s signature sneaker through the use of unique textures on the leather upper. The navy suede … READ MORE


Supra Skytop III – “Dog”

When you choose to wear Supra‘s Skytop III, you’re choosing to be seen and you’re choosing to make a statement about your style. Supra now calls your move, and raises it with the Skytop III “Dog,” which turns up the color to red hot levels. The mid-top … READ MORE


Supra Skytop – Green Camo Canvas | ZUMIEZ Exclusive

The original Chad Muska signature is back in prime forms! Along with its memory polyurethane insole, full-length SupraFoam midsole,embedded Neoprene toe cap and vamp, the Supra Skytop is not only comfortable but protective as well. Now, add fashionable to that list of description as Supra introduced the … READ MORE


Supra Skytop III Stealth – Black Friday Exclusive

Supra presents the Skytop III Stealth, a shoe that’s built to blend into the darkness but still cuts a striking silhouette in black. The upper is crafted with near indestructible military grade TUF material developed specifically for this particular shoe. Additional features include black TPR straps, black … READ MORE