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Supra Skytop III

Supra‘s introduction of the first Skytop in 2007 helped to divert attention from technical specification and instead to functionality. Those very notions have since replicated beyond skateboarding sneakers and into footwear designs for other sports. Now, 4 years later, skater Chad Muska hopes to inaugurate a new … READ MORE


Supra – Official Online Store | Opens Now

We’ve all been there, the frustration of not finding a particular item only to be compounded by counterfeits brought on auction.  To alleviate some of those emotional highs and lows, plus the needs of a growing fan base, Supra launched its official online store this morning.  Not … READ MORE

Skytop II Black Full Grain Wrinkle

Supra Skytop II – Spring 2011 Collection

Supra Skytop II is the second generation signature model of professional skateboarder Chad Muska and five versions are designed for the Spring 2011 collection. Each model is unique in its own way, with the most premium version constructed out of black full grain wrinkle leather uppers. Three … READ MORE