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Chari & Co. – Spring/Summer 2012 T-Shirt Collection

As we see increase in temperature, we can almost feel spring around the corner. New York City’s bicycle boutique Chari & Co. is dropping some t-shirts for the warmer months ahead. There are a good range of colorways and designs to choose from, and all of them … READ MORE


Cinelli – 2012 Vigorelli Track Frame

Cinelli is an established Italian frame builder with a rich history in cycling. Their recent collaborations with MASH have brought about new fans of their work, yet their core business is simply producing high quality frames for the road and the track. The Vigorelli is a popular … READ MORE


Chari & Co. x Brooklyn Machine Works – Photo T-Shirts

Chari & Co. and Brooklyn Machine Works have a healthy relationship in making several collaboration projects happen over the years. Chari & Co. teamed up once again with the Brooklyn based bicycle company for a set of photo t-shirts that pays homage to their workshop. Three monochromatic … READ MORE


Chari & Co. – Brooklyn T-Shirt

At first it may seem a little odd for Chari & Co. to produce a Brooklyn t-shirt, since their store is actually located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. However, the bicycle store wanted to show love to Brooklyn as many of their friends and customers … READ MORE


Chari & Co. x SSCY – Bandolier Bag

Have you ever wanted to take a quick spin to your friend’s house or go out to the park on your bicycle but didn’t want to carry a backpack or a messenger bag? Well, the Brooklyn based SSCY have come up with a product that might be … READ MORE


LARS – Tote Bag

Osaka-based bag company LARS have recently launched their new tote bag range. Ordinarily, they are known for marketing towards cyclists and for their messenger bags, pouches and wallets. This new model, however, sees an entry into the lifestyle of those who may not necessarily own a bicycle. … READ MORE


Chari & Co. – Summer 2011 T-Shirts

A popular destination for cyclists in New York is Chari & Co. and they have just launched the new t-shirts from the Summer 2011 range. All of the t-shirts and singlets are made with 100% cotton material and there are five unique designs on offer. Each style … READ MORE


Chari & Co. x OSLOH – Crank Shorts

With temperatures rising, the jeans and pants will need to be put away, replaced by shorts. It is especially the case for urban cyclists who require versatile shorts for riding and daily use. Chari & Co. got together with Brooklyn based cycle apparel brand OSLOH to produce … READ MORE


Chari & Co. NYC x Minority Works – Gradient Frame Sunglasses

The month of March was a trying one for Chari & Co. But after made several assurances that their friends and families back in Japan were safe from the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami, it was time to be at work for the Lower East Side bike shop. … READ MORE


Chari & Co. – Spring/Summer 2011 Caps

It is almost time to put away the beanies and dog ear caps that kept your head warm and exchange them for caps that will keep the sun out of your face. New York City’s bicycle boutique Chari & Co. have already dropped their colorful Spring/Summer 2011 … READ MORE


Chari & Co. Neck Warmer by Emmy Park

Urban cycling is obviously well established as a source of fashion, and cyclists have a wide range of riding-specific garments for riding with style. However, much of the traditional focus on urban cycling style falls along the lines of beautiful people riding Dutch bikes and wearing tailored … READ MORE