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DQM x Chocolate Skateboards Capsule Collection

DQM and Chocolate Skateboards are set to release a collaborative capsule celebrating milestones for each brand — Chocolate’s 20th anniversary and DQM’s 10th. The centerpiece of the collection is new and original artwork by renowned designer and illustrator Evan Hecox, a key contributor to Chocolate’s visual identity since 1997, beginning with … READ MORE


Chocolate Skateboards x Todd Bratrud – Chocolate Girls Collection

Chocolate Skateboards has called on artist and illustrator Todd Bratrud to create its latest collection of skate decks, each dedicated to an individual Chocolate team rider and adorned with a different throwback beauty. The Chocolate Girls series contains eight decks in all, the multi-colored series giving the … READ MORE


Chocolate Skateboards Easy-C Apparel & Wheels

Executed in strictly neutral tones composed of blacks, greys and whites, the Easy-C capsule collection from Chocolate Skateboards is filled with no-frills wardrobe basics. There are heavyweight hoodies, long- and short-sleeved tees and raglan 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts, as well as tank tops for those in sunnier climes. … READ MORE

Thrasher Pretty Sweet Tour Video

Thrasher – “Pretty Sweet Tour” | Video

Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards went on a one-month skateboarding spree, a.k.a. the Pretty Sweet US Tour 2013, hitting up major cities from California to Arizona. To capture the dope skateboarding, shenanigans and mayhem, Thrasher sent a filming crew to follow the riders everywhere they went. The … READ MORE

Crailtap Chunk of China with Justin Eldridge Video

Crailtap – “Chunk of China with Justin Eldridge” | Video

For some time, China was the elusive country that was untouched by foreign skateboarders and local skateboarders alike. However, in the past five years or so, the floodgates opened up and skateboarders began to visit the huge country. Besides the sheer size and endless interesting structures to … READ MORE


BAM – “Skateboarding Is Not A Crime” Film Series

Skateboarding definitely did not come to fruition over night. In fact, behind the glitz and glamor of the current generation of skateboarding, there lies a more free and rebellious side of the sport in its inception. If you are keen to learn about the history of skateboarding … READ MORE


Crailtap – “Pretty Sweet Bonus” Trailer | Video

Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards tirelessly filmed for years to capture the best skateboarding from its heavyweight roster of professional skateboarders. It must have been a very tough task to condense all of that footage into a 60-minute DVD. We have already reported on some of the … READ MORE


Pretty Sweet – “B Roll Angles” By Minh Thong | Video

In any film production, there are many footage that doesn’t make the cut, which ends up being filed away and never seen by the public. Pretty Sweet was a monumental skateboard video by Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards, with numerous footage of each skater that was captured … READ MORE


Girl + Chocolate Skateboards “Pretty Sweet” NYC Premiere Event | Video

Skateboarding has definitely come a long way, and the star-studded skateboard company, Girl skateboards and Chocolate skateboards, are responsible for pushing the boundaries with their video production. “Pretty Sweet” finally premiered in New York City last Sunday, November 18, to a packed out cinema. Fans and celebrities – … READ MORE


Girl + Chocolate Skateboards – “Pretty Sweet” Bonus Footage | Video

In an age where digital downloads and online streaming dominates the market, “Pretty Sweet” intends to buck that trend. This is by far the most anticipated video to be produced by the super skate teams, Girl skateboards and Chocolate skateboards. With only a day to go until … READ MORE


Girl + Chocolate Skateboards – “Pretty Sweet” Premiere | New York

The countdown has officially begun, as there are only less than 10 days before the world premiere of the much-anticipated skateboard film, Pretty Sweet, from Girl and Chocolate skateboards. Locations have been set for most of the major cities in North America, as well as some key international … READ MORE