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Chop Em Down Films – “Can’t Fool The Youth: Steven Jensen” | Video

While fans eagerly await the second installment of “Can’t Fool the Youth” — the first of its kind video magazine that caters to the fixed freestyle crowd — filmmaker Zane Meyer has released a video profile of Steven Jensen from the first issue to tide them over. … READ MORE


Chop Em Down Films – “Can’t Fool The Youth” Fixed Freestyle Video 2 | Teaser

Within the expanding fixed gear bicycle scene, its FGFS (fixed gear freestyle) segment is enjoying exponential growth, as more riders experiment with the new movement.  FGFS shares similarities to other disciplines, such as BMX and MTB, while maintaining originality and uniqueness for trick innovation. Zane Meyer from … READ MORE


Us Versus Them – “Fixed Freestyle Park Crashers” | Video

Zane Meyer from Chop Em Down Films has close ties with the Southern Californian streetwear label, Us Versus Them. Meyer has been instrumental in documenting their team riders, including their skateboarders and fixed gear freestyle riders. This is the latest clip featuring Gus Molina, Devon Lawson, Steven … READ MORE


Chop Em Down Films – “Can’t Fool The Youth: Josh Boothby” | Video

California-based filmer, Zane Meyer, documented the prominent riders in the fixed gear freestyle scene, compiling the footage into a video magazine entitled Can’t Fool The Youth. One of the riders highlighted in the DVD is Josh Boothby, an aggressive technician who has mastered big tricks, ledge/rail tricks, … READ MORE


Chop ‘Em Down Films – “Road to Epic Comp” | Video

Safely protected from the freezing weather outside, numerous fixed gear freestyle riders from all over California congregated to Epic Skatepark in Sacramento last month for the Epic Comp 2012. This event attracted the most talented riders, who gave it their all for the top positions. Zane Meyer … READ MORE


Chop Em Down Films – “Can’t Fool The Youth” Fixed Gear Freestyle Video Magazine | Teaser Video

With the availability and accessibility of technology these days, media is rapidly changing its shape. Although a relatively young scene and industry, the fixed gear freestyle (FGFS) scene will soon have a video magazine to call its own. Zane Meyer filmed and edited the much-anticipated series. Here … READ MORE