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Chris Kong x Vans OTW Alomar

Chris Kong, founder of http://garageworksindustries.com/” target=”_blank”>Garageworks Industries and Made by Monsters, enjoys a side gig as a http://freshnessmag.com/2012/06/19/off-the-wall-tv-chris-kong-vans-otw-advocate-video/” target=”_blank”>Vans OTW advocate. For Chris, one of the major perks of the vaunted position is the chance to team up with http://vans.com/microsites/otw/” target=”_blank”>Vans OTW’s design team to create his … READ MORE


VANS OTW Presents – “In Honor of Living the Good Life” | Limited Edition Photo Book

http://vans.com/microsites/otw/” target=”_blank”>VANS OTW’s Advocates act as ambassadors for the brand, and its new In Honor of Living the Good Life photo book returns the favor, profiling each of its 2012 Advocates: Lupe Fiasco, Eric Elms, Dimitri Coste and Chris Kong. The limited run book contains 50 pages … READ MORE


Off The Wall TV: Chris Kong VANS OTW Advocate | Video

http://offthewall.tv/” target=”_blank”>Offthewall.tv’s interview series with http://vans.com/microsites/otw/” target=”_blank”>Vans OTW Advocates, whose ranks includes http://freshnessmag.com/2012/06/06/off-the-wall-tv-lupe-fiasco-vans-otw-advocate-video/” target=”_blank”>Lupe Fiasco, Eric Elms and Dimitri Coste, shifts to Hong Kong for a conversation with Chris Kong, the owner and founder of http://garageworksindustries.com/” target=”_blank”>Garageworks Industries/Made by Monsters. The http://risd.edu/” target=”_blank”>RISD graduate, who joined the … READ MORE