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Christian Bale Cast to Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Movie

With a film resume that far exceeds his tenure, Christian Bale is now rumored to be cast to play http://apple.com” target=”_blank”>Apple founder and serial innovator, https://apple.com/stevejobs/” target=”_blank”>Steve Jobs, in an upcoming biopic by http://sonypictures.com/” target=”_blank”>Sony. Based on Walter Isaacson’s biography and written by The Social Network and Moneyball’s Aaron Sorkin, the … READ MORE


EXODUS: Gods and Kings featuring Christian Bale – Official Trailer | Video

In his first major film role after last year’s http://sonypictures.com/movies/americanhustle/discanddigital/” target=”_blank”>American Hustle and the Dark Knight Trilogy, actor Christian Bale will be portraying Moses in the new biblical epic Ehttp://exodusgodsandkings.com/” target=”_blank”>XODUS: Gods and Kings. Directed by http://rsafilms.com” target=”_blank”>Ridley Scott, the film recounts events from the Book of … READ MORE


Exodus: Gods and Kings – Official Trailer | Video

Accepting the role of Batman wasn’t a simple acting gig for Christian Bale, as the character came loaded with heightened expectations. The same could be said for his part in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Biblical epic, Exodus: Gods and Kings. Here, Bale is Moses, who’s seen in the trailer … READ MORE


American Hustle Directed by David O. Russell – Official Trailer

Taking viewers back to the polyester-lined 1970s, American Hustle is the highly anticipated follow-up to David O. Russell’s critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook. The crime drama features an all-star cast of Russell regulars, including Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. The plot revolves around … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Pack

More than any other superheroes on the silver screen, http://dccomics.com/batman” target=”_blank”>Batman continues to be a litmus test for each generation. In the 80s and 90s, directors http://timburton.com” target=”_blank”>Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher imagined a masked crusader with fanciful gadgetry, glossy appendages, and a PG-rated storyline. The terrorist … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY x Batman – The Dark Knight Rises BE@RBRICK 400%

http://medicomtoy.co.jp/” target=”_blank”>MEDICOM TOY teams up with http://warnerbros.com/” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros and http://dccomics.com/” target=”_blank”>DC Comics to release this http://thedarkknightrises.com/” target=”_blank”>The Dark Knight Rises Batman 400% BE@RBRICK, following up on their earlier work on everyone’s favorite patriotic hero, http://freshnessmag.com/2012/11/26/marvel-comics-x-medicom-toy-captain-america-berbrick-400/” target=”_blank”>Captain America. Standing about 280mm tall, this version of Christopher Nolan’s Dark … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Rises – “The Bat” Aerial Vehicle | Behind The Scenes Video

Ahead of next week’s DVD and Blu-ray release of http://thedarkknightrises.com/dvd/” target=”_blank”>The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Brothers has released a behind the scenes video focusing on Batman’s aerial vehicle. The Bat, inspired by an Osprey prop jet, Harrier jump jet and Apache attack helicopter, weighs in at 3,000 … READ MORE


Batman x Diesel – “The Dark Knight Rises” Chronograph Watch

Since its initial release, there are hundreds of merchandise, which celebrates the latest Batman film, http://thedarkknightrises.com/” target=”_blank”>The Dark Knight Rises, from prolific director, Christopher Nolan. Although, Batman might actually approve of this chronograph watch design, compared to other joint ventures. http://diesel.com”>Diesel took inspiration from the aggressive and masculine … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Rises x Under Armour – Gotham Rogues Collection

The highly anticipated final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, http://thedarkknightrises.com/” target=”_blank”>The Dark Knight Rises, features a sequence at a Gotham Rogues football game (Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field was the stand-in for Gotham Stadium). The filmmakers approached http://underarmour.com/” target=”_blank”>Under Armour to design uniforms for the fictitious team, creating … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Rises – Tumbler Designer Customization Program

You have mastered the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/06/28/nikeid-air-force-1-id-tactical-mesh-tactical-grip-leather-design-options-available-on-july-1st/” target=”_blank”>NIKEiD and conquered the http://freshnessmag.com/2011/03/16/ferrari-ff-configurator/” target=”_blank”>Ferrari FF configurator. Now test your customization skills in designing the next generation of armored fighting vehicle, the Tumbler from http://thedarkknightrises.com” target=”_blank”>The Dark Knight Rises. Inspired by The Bat-tank from the http://dccomics.com/batman” target=”_blank”>Batman comic book franchise and … READ MORE


Batman: The Batmobile Documentary – Official Trailer | Video

Not only has it transcended through the mediums of comic books, TV series, and movies, the Batmobile is now itself a popular lore. Maybe because it humanized http://dccomics.com/batman” target=”_blank”>Batman, that beneath the advanced body armor and pointed ear mask is a person in need to get from … READ MORE